Vidya Balan is now set to seduce the audience with her sensuous voice

Vidya Balan

If there is an actress who can not only be recognized for acting skills, yet, has more skills, then it will be only one named Vidya Balan. She is the most talented actress the Bollywood film industry has ever got with. Although she hasn’t made big success with her recent released in the industry. Every other movies that she acts with comes out with a great hype. As people know how great actor potential she has got in her. Her recent releases like Kahaani 2, Teen, Begum Jaan didn’t go much around the blockbuster list. Yet, she gained her name by showcasing her acting skills in these movies. Her next upcoming movie named Tumhari Sulu is going to change her name not only as an actress, but also as a singer.

Vidya Balan is now set to seduce the audience

vidya balan

The movie Tumhari Sulu will be a light hearted drama that deals about the life story of a home maker named Sulu, who boosts a lot about winning many gift prizes on the radio contests. Her life completely changes when she comes across a new job opening advertisement that states any one can become a Radio Jockey.

Neha Dupia, plays the owner of the radio station. She does hires Vidya Balan for her station and even makes her speak for her brands and other advertisements. Also, related to the radio station. Sulu therefore becomes the best RJ within the town and her. Seductive late night voice shows makes many people glue to their radios. The star arrives with her reaching many people through her show at the radio station every other day.

But, as time moves on she faces other challenges in her life. Also, the way she handles everything will be the movie said the Director.

Vidya balan

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