Trump made Robert O’Brien the new NSA of America

US President Donald Trump has announced his new appointment as the new National Security Advisor a week after John Bolton was ousted. Robert C.O.Brien, Special Ambassador for Mortgage Affairs in the State Department, has been elected to the post. O’Brien is also a lawyer by profession and has a law firm in Los Angeles. He was elected the Special Presidential Envoy of Mortgage Affairs by the Trump Administration in May 2018 and was then given the rank of Ambassador a year later.

‘I am pleased to say that I will nominate Robert C. 

Donald Trump

Trump tweeted, ‘I am pleased to say that I will nominate Robert C. O’Brien as our new National Security Advisor. I have worked hard with them for a long time. He will do a good job. It is noteworthy that Trump had asked Bolton to resign, saying that in many cases the opinions of the two did not match each other. He told Bolton that the White House should no longer require his services and that he should resign. Bolton immediately resigned from the post.

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