The police has decided to increase the security of Salman Khan after a Death Threat fromIncrease security of Salman Khan after Threat from Lawrence Bishnoi Gang

The sultan of Bollywood, Salman Khan remains always in the limelight due to several reasons but this time, the reason is serious. The khan of Bollywood has got a major death threat from gangster sampat nehra and this is the reason, the Mumbai police has decided to raise the security of Salman Khan to the maximum, according to resources. The police will ensure that the Salman Khan is safe at all the times and that too at any cost. Although the Salman Khan is getting protected by his personal bodyguard, Shera.

Security of Salman Khan after Threat from Lawrence Bishnoi gang

According to resources, the Mumbai police ha got the information from the special task force of the Haryana that a gangster, Sampat Nehra is planning to kill the superstar Salman Khan. So, the security of Salman Khan is to increase. Although the gangster Sampat Nehra is arrested by the Haryana police and is in the jail now.

Reports says, “the gangster Sampat Nehra was doing a recce of the Salman and keeping the strong eye on all the movements of Salman Khan so as to kill him. The gangster Sampat Nehra has got arrested in Hyderabad and according to Haryana police. He is a sharpshooter in the Bishnoi gang of Rajasthan.

The Lawrence Bishnoi gang is one of the notorious gangs of Rajasthan and the gangster is part of the gang. Resources says that the gang is planning the murder of Salman Khan. Because of the black buck case from last January. The Lawrence Bishnoi gang have several cases registered in the belt of Punjab and Haryana too. According to an official of Mumbai police, “we have increased the security. It is around the Salman Khan after a death threat by the gangster. Police will be active all the time, be it is his home or it is his studio. So as to keep away the gangs of Rajasthan.

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