Rafael aircraft will give heat test in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Rafale planes will have to undergo heat tests in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) before reaching India. France is a country of cold climate and while India experiences both severe winter and summer. There is no doubt that Rafale aircraft will tolerate India’s winter easily, but whether it will be able to bear the heat or not. It will be tested in the UAE. The UAE receives two to three degrees more heat than India. Therefore these tests will prove to be decisive for Rafale aircraft.

 The UAE receives two to three degrees more heat than India.

Rafael will give heat test in UAE
Rafael will give heat test in UAE

According to defense ministry sources, talks between the two countries have been held on the issue. The UAE already has a US airbase. Heat tests of Rafale aircraft will begin at this Al Dhafra airbase in Abu Dhabi. The tests are likely to be conducted in April or May, when the maximum temperature reaches 50 degrees there. The purpose of these tests is to see if the functioning of these aircraft is affected in too much heat. If there is any problem in them, France may have to make technical changes in the aircraft. The proposal given by France states that Indian Air Force officers and experts will be present during the heat test of the aircraft.

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