Kaash Aisa Ho Music Video Megha Sharma with Bank of Bollywood

What attracted you to begin a career as a Model and Actress?- Bank of Bollywood I was miss Dehradoon in 2009 so yes that had inspired me a lot to begin my career into acting and modelling field… And since childhood, Megha Sharma passion was into acting only… The very first inspiration when I was 11yrs old was one and only one Madhuri mam when I use to see her dancing and performing well in movies… And after one day all of a sudden have tried for Miss Dehradoon contest which has inspired me more to try my luck here.

Actress are Performing Central Character in the Many Big Budget Films these days. How do see this Change in the Industry       

Well it depends on actor how they perform and what kind of a movie or character they wanna do,  so for me I don’t feel any such changes regarding this… I believe in hard work and one should be always passionate what ever they do…

How different it is to Perform as an Actress comparing to Fashion Model?- Bank of Bollywood

Yes both the sides are different… A model can just pose well and can perform well in ramp shows but an actress have to give her performance best when she is in a character with her expressions too… So yeah ill say to be an actress is little difficult as in comparison of model.

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What are your strong points or say the Special Characteristics, which makes you Different from other upcoming Actress?

Megha Sharma always optimistic whatever phases come in front of me and a hard working lady who believes in self-dedication which makes me special and different from others… I don’t believe in comparing myself with anyone coz everyone has their own speciality in them but I do believe in myself and my karma too which makes me more strong…

Do you think that you have the potential to carry a film on your shoulders?- Bank of Bollywood

Of course if that time will come Megha Sharma wanna definitely prove myself as I think I have that much capability to be in a movie… As an actor I m not looking for a lead only, if ill get a nice character role too will definitely wanna grab that opportunity…

What change do you see after your Music Video is out now and Everyone is appreciating your Work?

Well it’s a great opportunity for me and I am performing as a lead in this album and it’s a big break for me to prove Megha Sharma. I hope people love me like this way and shower their blessings on me and hope to do more and more work like this for my fans and followers whoever loves me…

Have you progressed as you have expected?

Of course, I have done many TV serials as a character one but yes whatever I have expected in life I get that only or you can say beyond the expectations… I have never struggled like other model or actors do…may be its my luck by God of Grace..

Do you think honesty is always the best policy?

I do believe in honesty but sometimes as I have seen people being honest doesn’t get anything… Honesty should be there but not everytime… And in industry I don’t think honesty do work…

Who is your favorite actor and Why?

I like Deepika padukon and she is my inspiration… As she is too talented and she have a grace and that beauty which make her my favorite and even many of her fans… In actor I like Tiger Shroff coz of his looks,  acting and the way he do martial arts

Tell me about what you’re working Plans on now and your Future.

As of now I am trying for TV serials but yes future plans might be I can grab a movie soon which is not sure but yes if my luck n my hard work will be there, soon ill get an opportunity in Bollywood…

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