Irfan khan would be back by the end of Year, Recovering Cancer – Bollywood Latest News

Irfan khan is on the battle with the cancer and everyone is hoping that he should get recovered as soon as possible. Reports says that Irfan khan is in London and on the slow recovery. After getting the news of slow recovery, the fans, friends and family of the actor is very happy. They are saying that it does not matter that recovery is slow or fast. Although we hope for the fast recovery even the recovery is slow, we are still happy. During an interview with the magazine. The actor made a big statement, “At a certain point, I have to surrender in front of the reality”. This was a very heart-wrenching news to the family, friends and fans but everyone accepted it and hoping for the best about cancer.

Irfan Khan would be back by the end of Year, Recovering Cancer

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According to reports, a filmmaker friend of Irfan khan said, “although Irfan Khan is getting thin and weak but he is recovering”. He said that if the recovery will go on this pace even, the actor will be back in India by the end of this year. The condition of the actor was diagnosed few months ago and the actor announced his health issue by a tweet. So it is the time of a relief to the fans, friends and family who are praying for him from last several months.

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When it is about the work in front of the actor. A total of 3 movies of Irfan Khan is ready to release. His next movie is just about to release in July. This is a big project with the well-known director Mark Turtletaub’s Puzzle. The movie in which the actor is in the lead role. The actor is having a new project with the Deepika Padukone.

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