India’s exports in defense sector good, likely to increase further

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that there has been a big contribution of government companies in the field of defense, but now the share of private companies is also increasing. The private sector’s share in the country’s total defense production has now risen to over 20 per cent and will increase further in the coming years. In his first interview after assuming the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense, Singh said that the country’s exports to the defense sector are good and it is likely to increase significantly in the coming time. The Defense Minister also taught the neighboring country of Pakistan to focus on its problems and quit terrorism.Pakistan is raising the Kashmir issue in many international forums, but it is not getting much support from the world community. Advising the neighboring country, the Defense Minister said, “Pakistan should focus on its territories except Kashmir. Within Pakistan’s borders, there are many areas where there is a lot of trouble. If he continues on the path of terror, his destruction is certain. If Pakistan does not manage, then circumstances like 1971 (creation of separate nation Bangladesh) can be created. Singh said that if Pakistan does not leave the path of terrorism, it will suffer big loss. He will not be able to save himself from taking the destructive path. The Defense Minister said, “Instead of raising the issue of Kashmir, the neighboring country should solve its internal problems.” The opposition’s allegations about the Rafale deal were rejected by the voters and the BJP got a chance to form the government again with more seats.

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Rajnath Singh

In his first interview, stating his priority as the Defense Minister, he said, “Government companies have contributed a lot in the defense sector, but now the share of private companies is also increasing. Singh had recently traveled to France to get the first Rafale fighter jet and he also flew in this aircraft. He told, “Our aim is to equip the army with research equipment made in the country.” He said that many private companies are now involved in the global supply chain and the Defense Research and Development Organization is developing new technology in the country. Production of these technologies will be done in partnership with industry.

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Singh hoped that the helicopter and submarine manufacturing would be done within the stipulated time frame under the strategic partnership model. Describing construction in the defense sector as the priority of the government, he said that exports to the defense sector will be increased in the coming years. He said, ‘Until a few years ago, defense exports were very low. It reached Rs 10,745 crore in 2018-19 and aims to raise it to Rs 15,000 crore this financial year. Describing the Rafale deal as a ‘strong and decisive’ step by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Singh said that Rafal would be able to meet the current need of the Air Force. The Ministry of Defense is currently finalizing orders for manufacturing 83 Light Combat Aircraft (LCA).

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