Eat dry fruits like walnuts for better quality of sperm

Researchers said three benefits

According to researchers, consuming dry fruits like walnuts, almonds and cashews improves the quantity and quality of sperm. The study also claimed that the quality and quality of sperm has been found to be 16 percent better for people who consume nuts and nuts such as nuts and nuts in their diet daily. This has been revealed in a research conducted at the University of Spain’s Rovira Evirgili. According to researchers, dry fruits have an important role in improving the quality of sperm.

Eat walnuts for better quality of sperm

The research was conducted on two equal age groups of men. During the research, two groups of men were put on different types of diet. One group’s diet was normal, while the other was given 60 grams of omega-3 fatty almonds and walnuts daily. The research was conducted on 119 healthy men aged 18–35 years. This research, led by Doctor Albert Hutos, found that people whose diet consisted of almonds and walnuts daily. Their sperm quality was much better than the first group. Doctor Hutos said that because of healthy eating, the conception process also gets easier. Not only this, the swimming ability of the re-productive sales of those who were given nuts in the diet was also seen six percent better.

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