Diabetes patients must eat fruits dieticians advise patients

Diet experts say that diabetic patients must eat fruits, but not too much. The right amount of fruit will benefit them. Fructose is a type of sugar present in honey, fruit, vegetable and sugarcane, which gives energy to the body. Other forms of sugar include sucrose as well as glucose (dextrose) and galactose. Some fruits may also have a high glycemic index, especially in banana, chiku, mango, apple, and watermelon. Nutritionist and physiologist Ritesh Bawri says, ‘The effect of fructose is different from sugar. Fructose is absorbed slower than glucose. It does not require insulin to enter the cell.

Diet experts say that diabetic patients must eat fruits, but not too much. 

Diabetes patients must eat fruits
Diabetes patients must eat fruits

This is because it rapidly breaks down into fructose-1 phosphate. ” Bawari also says, ‘Diabetic patients should not give up fructose altogether. It is safe for diabetes. ‘ Nutritionists and food consultants said, ‘Depending on whether blood sugar levels are controlled or uncontrolled, doctors recommend certain fructose intake. Type 2 diabetes patients can use fructose to lower their insulin levels and ensure they have dietary needs for carbohydrates. ‘ Peswani also said, ‘If you take more fructose, it will increase blood glucose levels and increase blood pressure, which is a symptom of increased blood sugar levels. Its high amount can increase bad cholesterol, especially in men. Please tell here that after diabetes, people stop eating sugar, they also stop consuming fruit. This causes a lack of energy in their body.

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