Democracy is the best form of governance: CM Kejriwal

Delhi Youth Parliament is being organized from 6th to 8th November to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in the Delhi Legislative Assembly for the first time. The Delhi Youth Parliament is being organized to make the youth feel comfortable with various legislative processes of the Legislative Assembly. On the first day of the session, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressed the students of various colleges of Delhi University in the Delhi Assembly Hall. During this, CM said that democracy is the best form of governance. Delhi government is in favor of direct rule of the people in democracy but Delhi is not a full state. Because of this we have limited powers. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that I hope the students get a live demo of the work of Parliament. This is the first time outsiders have been allowed to enter the assembly building. Only elected representatives are allowed to enter. Even officials are allowed to sit in the visitors’ gallery. I hope this Youth Parliament workshop will help you understand the procedures of the legislature. CM said that I am from a middle class family and did not know many legislative procedures in 2015 after winning Delhi Assembly elections. Then working slowly came to know.

CM addresses youth parliament for the first time in Delhi assembly

CM said that in this workshop, students will learn about the system of parliamentary governance, which is the soul of governance in our country. I hope this helps you understand right and wrong, positive and negative. Every form of governance has flaws, but democracy is universally regarded as the best. Democracy is ruled by the President and in parliamentary form. We also have various departmental committees in Parliament, which hold consultations and meetings with officials to ensure proper functioning of various departments. Both presidential and parliamentary rule are indirect forms of governance. The public elects their representative and they become leaders for the next five years. If he is not skilled in governance, the maximum you can do is not to vote for him after five years. But after being elected, you are forced to bear his rule for a period of five years. People have no role in day to day governance. There are countries and nations around the world where direct forms of governance have also been adopted. As an indirect form of democracy, people cannot say where the money should be spent. For example, if I talk about local issues, the government can spend on road renovation in a particular area where it is not even needed.

Democracy is the best form of governance
Democracy is the best form of governance

On the other hand, if the water requirement is more urgent than the renovation of the road in any other area then it is up to the government to decide what to do first. If an officer is not doing well, the public should be able to remove him from office. But this is not possible in a democracy. As a direct form of democracy, the general public has control over money, work and system. After the formation of our government in 2015, we divided the entire Delhi into 3200 societies to adopt the direct governance model. It was for the people of the Society to come together and decide how and what the money should be spent. If an officer in his area is not performing his duties well then the public should pass a resolution and the officer should be removed. CM said this form of governance is called Swaraj, which is my dream. A state may have direct form of governance on state issues, national issues and local issues. Our dream is to implement this form of governance in the state of Delhi. But the powers of the Delhi government are very limited. Delhi is not a complete state, due to which we cannot model the direct form of democracy. But, we would like to implement this in Delhi as an experiment, to see if the general public can be involved in the functioning of governance. There are many historical examples of the same. I hope that the students will learn about the functioning of the assembly through this workshop. I wish you all the best.

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