Sunny did not want son to become actor

Karan Deol, son of film actor and MP Sunny Deol, is going to enter Bollywood from ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’. The film will be released in cinemas across the country on 20 September. The director of this film is Sunny Deol, Hero Karan Deol and Heroine Sahar Bamba. Sunny said that he did not want to make his son an actor. He said that no one is more nervous than the father about the son’s first film. He is feeling the nervousness of his father Dharmendra today, as he must have done with his first film ‘Betab’.

Karan Deol, son of film actor and MP Sunny Deol, is going to enter Bollywood from ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’.

Sunny did not want son to become actor

Actor told that when Karan aspired to become an actor with him, he explained to him that the life of a doctor and engineer is full of peace, but the whole life of a film actor is full of strugal. Today, what is the atmosphere in the film industry is not hidden from anyone, every day you have a test in which you pass or fail every day. But when he was determined to follow his mind, he always advised to follow the path of truth and remain down to earth. At the same time, about the shooting in Himachal, Sunny said that there were many difficulties while shooting for the film in Manali. Due to the mountains, rain, snowfall, land slides, the shooting was very rough all around. Had to go to Himachal 4 times for shooting, but according to the script we had to shoot at the location itself. Due to all these problems, the film also got delayed. After getting emotional, Sunny Deol said that Punjab is our home. The people of Punjab first gave a lot of love to Papa Dharmendra, then to him and his brother. Now the people of Punjab will also give their blessings to both the children Karan and Sahar Bamba. He will request everyone to watch the film so that with the love of you, both children can achieve success in the film industry.

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Aamir Khan reveled news on Rajinikanth’s 2.0 role being offered to Him

Aamir Khan stated that he was provided Rajinikanths 2.0. Rajinikanth was known as Aamir and requested him to take over the venture stating wellness factors, but Aamir made a decision to move it up as he experienced that nobody could do it better than the expert acting professionally.

Aamir Khan reveals the news on Rajinikanths 2.0 role

Secret Celebrity box workplace selection day 3: This Aamir Khan-Zaira Wasim movie requires to do well over the weekend.

This Celebrity box workplace selection Day 2: Aamir Khan movie recognizes amazing development, generates Rs 9.30 crore.

Secret Celebrity box workplace selection day 1: Zaira Wasim and Aamir Khan movie generates Rs 4.80 crore

Rajinikanth starrer 2.0 is one of the most expected movies of the coming season. After the tremendous achievements of the first aspect, Software (2010), home S. Shankar is going all the way to create 2.0 the greatest venture in Native Indian Cinema’s record. The villain in this movie is performing by Akshay Kumar, who performs a researcher in the video. As well as control personality will be performed by Rajinikanth. But not many know that at one factor Aamir Khan was going to be an aspect of 2.0.

In the latest speak to Komal Nahta, Aamir Khan exposed that he was provided Rajinikanth’s aspect in the video. Aamir is saying that he saw the program and was incredibly assuring that this movie was going to get rid of all the information. He is describing that even Rajinikanth came as him to take up the venture as he was experiencing certain medical concerns. Aamir then said that it doesn’t matter how much he tried. He could have never aced the function the way Rajinikanth did and whenever he shut his sight. He could only imagine the mature acting professional doing the personality.

Shankar is experiencing and it comes as a complete shock that even he could think about control personality being performing by Aamir Khan but then, one has to believe that whatever happens, happens for the best. Also, Rajinikanth is enjoying control aspect in the video that produces in Jan 2018.

Aamir Khan shall present Secret Superstar after releasing Taare Zameen Par ten years back

"<yoastmarkAamir Khan Productions, a latest movie named Secret Superstar is now all set to face its theatrical release and the movie is said to be screened by the banner themselves, after they released the movie Taare Zameen Par, ten years back.

During the year 2007, the most innocent young boy named Ishaan carved his own place in our hearts. The movie Taare Zameen Par deals about a misunderstood dyslexic kid who is really fresh in his own mind. This type of unusual concept was backed up with a great script that made the audience applause for every other scene that came in the movie.


Aamir Khan shall present Secret Superstar after Taare Zameen Par

Exactly after ten years, in this year 2017, Aamir Khan production company is now all set to present their next movie Secret Superstar to the audiences.

While the movie Taare Zameen Par made us teary eyed all through the movie. With an outstanding performance was done by Ishaan. The latest movie Secret Superstar shall be striking up the chors with the public as it has the story. Also, it deals with a young girl who chases her own dreams.


Both these films are known for focusing upon the problems that are faced by the younger generation in our country. Taare Zameen Par has really touched the most unusual topic about dyslexia and the new movie Secret Superstar. It shall talk about a young girl who aspires to become a singer in her mind. Also, struggles to become one due to her back home circumstances.


The lead protagonist role in the movie Secret Superstar, has been performed by Zaira Wasim. Also, she plays the aspiring singer named Insia in the movie. This young girl shall be facing the most resistance coming from her father. After which she decides to follow upon her own dreams by posting various singing videos. Furthermore, some videos of her on every other social media.