Where Jacqueline Fernandez imagine her after Five Years – News Today In Hindi

Race 3 actresses Jacqueline Fernandez have said that entertainment is the unpredictable business which can change every Friday. As she has made her Bollywood debut in 2009 with Aladdin, is now a very successful actress because of her films like kick judwaa2, houseful and race. She also says that there is “no fully proof formula for success or failure”. in news today.

Where Jacqueline Fernandez imagine her after Five Years- News Today

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She said that every Friday everything changes fans, idea, and loyalty. But when everything goes right than we think about the world that nothing is permanent we can face the opposite side of success. She also says that the brand and film she chooses are the reflections of who she is in real life. And when it comes to the brand she said: “I choose them if I believe it otherwise not”. She also promotes the idea of not using animals for cosmetic products. Many times I was in a situation when I have to choose a brand but I refuse to take it even if I am paid lots of money for it. Because the thing that I cannot use I cannot tell my 18 million fans to use it.

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Where did Jacqueline see her after five years? She replied that I don’t know as things are changing very fast and I also learn many things being the actor. So for me, every good step take you forward and one wrong step makes you fall very fast. So I believe to go with the flow. Now her new film is releasing on 15th June race 3 in which she is playing a role of Jessica who plays different stunts which show real strength of women and also sharing the screen with Salman Khan, Bobby deal, and Anil Kapoor. Film Directed by Remo D’souza. All the very best for her upcoming film!

Jacqueline Fernandez Permanent Eye Injury – Bollywood Latest News

The Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez cause an eye injury during the shoot of race 3. The actress yesterday shared the image of her eyes on Instagram that happened on the set in March this year. Her eye has got a permanent injury. She said that she is happy that she can still see properly but her eyes will never be going to be round again. Jacqueline shared a picture and wrote, “As it is permanent eye injury and my iris will never be a perfect round again but so so lucky I can see!! #race3 memories  #abudhabi” Producer Ramesh Taurani, “Yes, it was a minor injury. Jacqueline got hurt above her eyes while playing squash.

Jacqueline Fernandez Permanent Eye Injury

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Jacqueline Fernandez is playing the character of Jessica and sharing with Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol. During an interview, she also said that this is not the continuation of the race2 movie. But it is different from it narration has an element of betrayal, suspense real punch, and mystery. Jessica fight is real her gunfight is raw and punch is real. For this, all she has to do lots of practice and got hurt many times. But she still wants to do such types of films again.Her character shows the physical strength of the women in the fight. She said that she is lucky that is getting an opportunity to do the project like real fighters and playing the role as strong as the male. My character fights the way the girl would fight in real life when she is attacked.

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Race 3, the action film, is directed by Remo D’Souza as well as produced by Salman Khan Films and Tips Films. The film is going to be released on June 15. All the very best for her upcoming film Race 3!


Raj Kumar Gupta is going to marry Myra – Bollywood Latest News

Yes, filmmaker Raj Kumar Gupta is going to get married, Myra. The filmmaker Raj Kumar Gupta has created the storm with his movie, No One Killed Jessica. The actress VidyaBalan and Rani Mukherji were in the lead roles and this movie was very good and created havoc in the lives of some people in 2011. There was a lady in the movie name Jessica and the entire movie was revolving around that character.

Raj Kumar Gupta is going to marry Myra Rajkumar Gupta Ghanchakkar Director Latest bollywood news

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The girl’s real name is Myra and director Raj Kumar Gupta is going to marry the girl. Myra is a great model and pursuing her modelling career from last several years. The director Raj Kumar Gupta and Myra are dating each other from years. According to sources, Raj Kumar Gupta has proposed Myra for the marriage. Raj Kumar has directed several movies like Ghanchakkar, Aamir and recently released movie, Raid.

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In an interview with a film magazine, “I am dating Myra from last several years and I proposed her and told her that I want to settle down with her”. Raj Kumar Gupta said. According to resources, the couple is going to marry on 21st June 2018. The marriage will not be grand and the couple wants to enjoy their marriage with the family and close friends.

Sources say that the marriage will take place in the Ranchi, their former hometown. Raj Kumar Gupta will start working on his new project with Arjun Kapoor with the name of India’s Most Wanted after marriage. According to sources, the couple might throw a party for their friends, whom they have not invited in their marriage. A closed source said that there is a new project in the mind and want to do it with his wife. So it would be interesting to know that what will be their future plans.

So we have Miss India 2018 with us, Guess Who – Bollywwod Latest News

Yesterday night was a beautiful and glamorous night in Mumbai. We have got our miss India 2018 from the event which is hosted by Karan Johar and Bollywood actor, Ayushman Khurana. In this event, some Bollywood actors and actresses rocked the stage and why not, after all, it is an important event for India. The stage has become more glamorous with the performances of beautiful divas, Jacqueline Fernandez, Madhuri Dixit and Kareena Kapoor Khan. She also gives a special performance and rocked the stage. Miss world 2017 has given a special appearance in the event.

Miss India 2018 with us is Anukreethy Vyas

Do you know a special judges panel was designed to not only select the girl but the best lady which will represent India globally in future? Cricketer KL Rahul, Kunal Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Malaika Arora were the part of the judge’s panel. The best girl has to pass through the several rounds and after passing several rounds of selection and after several sizzling performances, the girl from Tamil Nadu is selected by the judges and the girl is crowned with the crown of Miss India 2018.


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Our miss India 2018 is a girl of 19 years age, Anukreethy Vyas. The girl is from Tamil Nadu and is perusing a degree of B.A in the French language from Loyola college. The girl was very confident throughout the selection rounds. But suddenly her eyes get fill with tears after the announcement of the winner. She is not only a good looking girl but a state level athlete. The girl loves to dance and sing and is willing to be an actress someday. Miss India Haryana, Meenakshi Chaudhary was first runner-up and Miss India Andhra Pradesh. Shreya Rao Kamavarapu was the second runner-up. So finally we have got our miss India 2018 and we are waiting for Miss India 2019.

Kaash Aisa Ho Music Video Megha Sharma with Bank of Bollywood

What attracted you to begin a career as a Model and Actress?- Bank of Bollywood I was miss Dehradoon in 2009 so yes that had inspired me a lot to begin my career into acting and modelling field… And since childhood, Megha Sharma passion was into acting only… The very first inspiration when I was 11yrs old was one and only one Madhuri mam when I use to see her dancing and performing well in movies… And after one day all of a sudden have tried for Miss Dehradoon contest which has inspired me more to try my luck here.

Actress are Performing Central Character in the Many Big Budget Films these days. How do see this Change in the Industry       

Well it depends on actor how they perform and what kind of a movie or character they wanna do,  so for me I don’t feel any such changes regarding this… I believe in hard work and one should be always passionate what ever they do…

How different it is to Perform as an Actress comparing to Fashion Model?- Bank of Bollywood

Yes both the sides are different… A model can just pose well and can perform well in ramp shows but an actress have to give her performance best when she is in a character with her expressions too… So yeah ill say to be an actress is little difficult as in comparison of model.

Megha Sharma in conversation with www.bankofbollywood.com Exclusive (4)

What are your strong points or say the Special Characteristics, which makes you Different from other upcoming Actress?

Megha Sharma always optimistic whatever phases come in front of me and a hard working lady who believes in self-dedication which makes me special and different from others… I don’t believe in comparing myself with anyone coz everyone has their own speciality in them but I do believe in myself and my karma too which makes me more strong…

Do you think that you have the potential to carry a film on your shoulders?- Bank of Bollywood

Of course if that time will come Megha Sharma wanna definitely prove myself as I think I have that much capability to be in a movie… As an actor I m not looking for a lead only, if ill get a nice character role too will definitely wanna grab that opportunity…

What change do you see after your Music Video is out now and Everyone is appreciating your Work?

Well it’s a great opportunity for me and I am performing as a lead in this album and it’s a big break for me to prove Megha Sharma. I hope people love me like this way and shower their blessings on me and hope to do more and more work like this for my fans and followers whoever loves me…

Have you progressed as you have expected?

Of course, I have done many TV serials as a character one but yes whatever I have expected in life I get that only or you can say beyond the expectations… I have never struggled like other model or actors do…may be its my luck by God of Grace..

Do you think honesty is always the best policy?

I do believe in honesty but sometimes as I have seen people being honest doesn’t get anything… Honesty should be there but not everytime… And in industry I don’t think honesty do work…

Who is your favorite actor and Why?

I like Deepika padukon and she is my inspiration… As she is too talented and she have a grace and that beauty which make her my favorite and even many of her fans… In actor I like Tiger Shroff coz of his looks,  acting and the way he do martial arts

Tell me about what you’re working Plans on now and your Future.

As of now I am trying for TV serials but yes future plans might be I can grab a movie soon which is not sure but yes if my luck n my hard work will be there, soon ill get an opportunity in Bollywood…