Shah Rukh Khan is now giving us all his Raees feels

shahrukh khanThe Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan, who recently was found attending the star studded night event that was also a late night event was found to be at his most magnificent outlook and he was the show stealer for the night. He was dressed up with black colored Indian attire and the King Khan surely raised some eyebrows upon him and it does had the Raees look firing all over him.

Now pairing both the gorgeous heroines together with Shah Rukh.

SRK being a close friend to the Khan clan, made his presence at the Arpita Khan late night event that happened recently. The King Khan is now at present busy in shooting for Anand L Rai’s next film that will have Anushka Sharma and even Katrina Kaif pairing up with him.

Anushka Sharma

Before Shah Rukh paired up with this duo girls in separate movies, and each of them turned blockbuster. Now pairing both the gorgeous heroines together with Shah Rukh. The director is definitely going to make a huge blockbuster in the film industry of India.

Whatever be the role, Shah Rukh definitely gives his best. The magic of him is that he is same on both on and off screen. This got proved after the attire that he wore to Arpita’s party in the past week. The black coloured Indian Attire brought back the Raees look and definitely more flashes were on him. Despite other beautiful heroines attended the evening.

Shah Rukh does carry over a great charm to any place he goes to. Never he has said no to the camera and he indeed let the photographers do their job. Then he was over flashed, after attending the party. The pictures are already viral with the social media networks. As his fans started to go crazy on the outfit that he chose to wear for the night.

Katrina Kaif

Salman’s Tiger Zinda Hai wont have a teaser- Bank of Bollywood

Salman KhanAll the eyes are now on the upcoming movie named Salman’s Tiger Zinda Hai that has Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif at the lead roles and filmmakers have a new kind of film marketing technology that can be done starting from this movie. While other Bollywood movies are only releasing a teaser for their movie, the Tiger Zinda Hai team shall not be releasing any kind of teasers, yet they shall showcase a motion picture that shall completely blow out the mind of the audience.

The Tiger Zinda Hai is one of the most expected movie that has the duo Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.

From a reliable source, it has been confirmed that the motion poster for the movie shall be released on the occasion of Diwali , or the very next day after the great festival in India. The Tiger Zinda Hai is one of the most expected movie that has the duo Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. The movie is said to be shooting in various parts of Abu Dhabi, Morocco and in India. The film is a sequel to the movie Ek Tha Tiger that releases way back in 2012. Also, it had the same cast in them.

Ek Tha Tiger

A spokesperson from the Yash Raj production confirmed that the movie shall never have a teaser to promote them. Yet, there might be a motion poster that can definitely excite the audience with.

The motion poster is expected to release in the upcoming week, which is the Diwali eve in India. After the official release of the motion poster, the trailer shall be unveiled by the first week of November.

The team also has their own way of marketing for the film. Also, they are very sure about not releasing a teaser for the movie.

The director of the movie, Ali Abbas Zafar has been recently tweeting a lot about the movie. Furthermore, it has definitely made the fans wait for the motion poster.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan makes a grand entry made by Hina Khan about Vikas Gupta

Salman KhanSalman Khan, by following the tradition of Bigg Boss 11, has started with the Weekend kaVaar with the secret chalet that has been built within the Bigg Boss house. Through this, he shall closely observe the contestants and even notice their mannerisms so that he can pass some of his tongues in cheeks comments on them. Salman Khan makes a grand entry to the accusations made by Hina Khan about Vikas Gupta.

The final moments of interrogation done by Salman Khan had Hina to end up the session.

By looking so dapper in his suit, Salman Khan definitely makes a grand entry upon the stage by singing ‘SaatSamundarPaar’ and by dancing to the beats of his personal favourite. Later on, he talks about the latest controversy. The most used word in the history of every other season of Bigg Boss, which is ‘footage’. His silent friend named Jallad make an entry on the stage and they talk about how these contestants shall resemble with the iconic characters from the old Hindi movies.

Vikas Gupta

As the Weekend kaVaar is now in its full form. Bhai Salman Khan shall call upon the contestants into the Katghara. And then question them about the controversies that are put upon them. These controversies and questions are raised by the housemates about one another. Arshi had admitted that she is the most venomous snake. Also, she can even turn any kind of truth into a lie. With such multiple truths surfaced around. Hina has accused Vikas of being the Kaamchor and stands with her. As a guard for every other allegation that is made on them. The final moments of interrogation done by Salman Khan had Hina to end up the session. Also, question up to the captaincy of Vikas.

Salman Khan shall reveal the names of the two contestants who shall stay safe from getting evicted in this week.

Hina Khan

Salman Khan has invited these two guests to the Bigg Boss 11 show

Salman KhanBy next week, the Bigg Boss 11 show shall be aired on television and it will definitely have lots of face-offs and melodramas when compared to the previous Bigg Boss shows. The face-offs happen a lot within the house, and it is because of the housemates who tend to choose the captaincy and luxury items to live within the house. The Bigg Boss 11 show will have a different set and the contestants who tend to live inside the house without having any kind of contact with the public, media, relatives, friends and with others, they shall end up into any kind of forced rage between them. The host Bhai Salman Khan has been carrying over the show at ease and he is one who has the capacity to handle such housemates anytime.

They are going to bring in some of the most celebrated people as contestants inside the Bigg Boss house.

Rithvik Dhanjani

The makers of season of Bigg Boss 11 show have lots and lots of surprises for the viewers. It’s no wonder that the audience gets glued to the show every other day. They are going to bring in some of the most celebrated people as contestants inside the Bigg Boss house. Two of them are most special guests and you will definitely be surprised to hear their names out.

It’s none other than RithvikDhanjani and Gaurav Gera, who shall be entering the house with other housemates. These two are very well known for the controversies they create at ease. With such high tension getting inside the BiggBoss house. The season 11 will definitely have some rift between the housemates and audience.

Hina Khan

At present both, Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta are made safe by the audience. They have been voted to stay back at the Bigg Boss house. Also, the new entry of these two guests shall happen in this week.

Naseeruddin Shah is now more into negative roles

Naseeruddin ShahThe Hungry actor opens up to the media about his recent fondness towards the antagonist roles. Naseeruddin Shah is now more into negative roles.

During the recent screen of ‘The Hungry’, Naseeruddin Shah got questions about the negative roles that were attracting him.

The movie ‘The Hungry’, that is going to direct by the most renowned Bronila Chatterjee. Starring both Tisca Chopra and Naseeruddin Shah in the lead role is going to be an adaptation of Titus Andronicus. This is a novel written by William Shakespeare and the movie is going to shoot in New Delhi.

Tisca Chopra

‘The Hungry’ movie has set up an extravagant surrounding of Indian wedding whilst. It is going to be exploring the corruption that has been happening in the name of politics in India. Also, in the corporate world.

Naseeruddin Shah is going to play the antagonist role named, Tathagat Ahuja in the movie. During the recent screen of ‘The Hungry’, Naseeruddin Shah got questions about the negative roles that were attracting him. Towards him in recent days, and especially with his role in this movie. Naseeruddin is also seen playing the negative role in the movie naming Begum Jaan.

Begum Jaan

Naseeruddin Shah, being a versatile actor confesses to the press people that he finds playing the antagonist roles. Also, interesting than being the protagonist in the movie. He also said that the role is quite interesting. Interesting that the normal good looking two shoe roles that anyone can do in the film industry. Naseeruddin Shah likes to play more of characters like Mastana, a character from the movie Bombay Boys. And even the character named Hafix Subedar from the movie Mirch Masala. He said that he needs to explore more with such characters. Also, he felt that he not done them before in his film career. He is an idealistic man, known for fighting a cause in real life. He does want to appear the same on the silver screen too.

Naseeruddin Shah

Mukkabaaz opens up to an ovation at the MAMI Festival: Anurag Kashyap

Anurag KashyapAnurag Kashyap has recently kicked off the nineteenth edition of the MAMI Festival and he has opened it up with a resounding chant that says ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, amidst the applause of a greater audience. Mukkabaaz is said to be chronicling the story that revolves around a boxer coming from Uttar Pradesh, named Shravan Singh, and it has been enacted by the actor named Vineet Kumar Singh, who is said to be falling in love with a girl, who is a Brahmin by birth.

Mukkabaaz opens up to a standing ovation at the MAMI Festival

The things get to meet a U-turn when the hero lands upon a punch on the boxing federation head and with the politician gangster named Bhagwan Das. The gangster head role is done by the veteran actor named Jimmy Shergill. The movie has its own set of a journey that goes behind the underdog, who is said to be fighting upon the corrupted system. With the deep-rooted casteism to pursue the boxing dream that he has in mind. Also, to win over the love that has changed his life.


Before attending the premiere that is happening at the Liberty Cinema. Anurag Kashyap said to the press that he was really nervous. He even thanked the producer of the movie Mr Aaanand L Rai. He made a note that he has been dying to let the audience witness the movie. Also, wanted to watch how they react to this epic film. He thanked a lot by quoting the Eros and Mr Aanand Rai. This continuous thanking comes from Anurag, as he feels that he was given with a complete freedom to shoot out. Also, he really wanted to do at first place. No kind of interpretation was given to him during the days of shooting the movie at MAMI Festival.

Vineet Kumar Singh

Many thought it was a clash between Ajay Devgan and Aamir Khan

Ajay DevganAamir Khan and Ajay Devgan are undoubtedly the most versatile and great actors in the Bollywood film industry. These two have even worked together in a movie named Ishq. That was a big hit way back in the year 1997. The movie is still in remembrance by many of the fans of both the actors. As it had the best drama, comedy and hit songs. Coming back to the present, in 2017, the duo will be seen on screen on the same. Yet, in different movies, both their movies are going to be facing the same release date. That will happen on this Diwali.

The clash between Ajay Devgan and Aamir Khan

Ajay Devgan’s Golmaal again and Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar are scheduling for a release on the same day. Many industry people said that it would create a clash between the two great actors. Yet, the actors were really cool about multiple movies releasing on the same day, it is the occasion of Diwali.

Secret superstar

They both even met recently and after their meeting, Aamir Khan tweeted a picture which he took with Ajay Devgan. The tweet even said congratulating Ajay for Golmaal Again, which is one among the famous franchise that has Ajay. Aamir even mentions Ajay as a great guy in his latest tweet. This single tweet with a picture of them together showed the people how open-minded they are. Also, the ways they deal business.

After Aamir’s tweet, Ajay made a tweet to acknowledge him and even mentioned that good guys wound definitely win. It is a secret or not. Best of luck to the Secret superstar. Mentioning other actors in a tweet is a big thing, and both these actors are even wishing the best. Wishing on a public social platform without any kind of ego between them. They both are the real public superstars.

Golmaal again

Manto will have its theatrical release by 2018: says Nandita Das

Nandita DasThe famous Indian Filmmaker named, Nandita Das was recently going around the media news. That had her biopic of the Indo-Pakistani writer named Saadat Haasan Manto. On the top of every Bollywood news that released recently. The movie has Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing a titular role. The movie has been scheduled for a release by next year.

For the longest period of time, the movie was speculated to release by this December 2017. Yet, Nandita is yet to finish with the editing process for the movie. Furthermore, the movie shall release by next year.

After making her entrance at the MAMI Jio 19th Mumbai Film Festival. She got questions about the recent development of her biopic film as well as how happy she was. Her biopic after turning into a filmmaker.

Manto will have its theatrical release by 2018

Also, replied politely to every other question that was raised to her. She indeed replied with a smile that she was much happy to become a filmmaker. Although making a film was much trickier that she expects in real.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

“Sometimes things get worse in pre-production, yet, it can handle the post-production. Editing a movie is my most favourite part of film creation. That’s where the movie gets the way to present to the audience.

The overall filmmaking journey has been an incredible one. I have even met many Mantonees among the public, which is really good. Hopefully, the movie will get its theatrical release by the summer of next year”, said Nandita.

The official poster for ‘Manto’ featuring the lead Nawazuddin will release in this year and since the release. The movie has turned into one among the most awaited film from the Bollywood section. It has definitely kindled the interest among the audience as well as make people are waiting. Waiting to witness the movie by next summer.

Nandita Das

Anupam Kher visits FTII to give surprise:- Bank of Bollywood

Anupam KherAnupam Kher, famous for his acting schools, and the way he grooms the young actors and actresses and wannabes, in out for a surprise to FTII, Pune. He is amazingly down for helping the people who are new to the industry.

Anupam Kher visits FTII to give a surprise

Anupam Kher, who was employed Seat of Film and TV Organization of India (FTII) on Oct 11. Compensated a surprise visit to the institution university in Pune on Friday morning time hours.

He apparently described that he had not given before information about his visit to the control. The students because he desired to get in the FTII gateways as an individual. It is just like what he had done 40 years ago. He had a brief relationship with the students of the 2016 number of the FTII and observed their grouses for their teachers. The performing expert apparently forced on the fact that students come to a company to understand and hence solving their problems is important.

Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher is an alumnus and a former chair of the popular National School of Situation (NSD). His main motive was to give surprise to the students. Explaining his first day at the Movie and Tv Institution of Indian (FTII), newly-appointed chair. Expert acting professional Anupam Kher says that he interacted with the learners. Not from a job of power but in a helpful way that disarmed them.

Anupam changed expert acting professional Gajendra Chauhan as the chair of the prestigious govt institute. (Which had been in the middle of an issue since Chauhan’s consultation in 2015) a couple weeks ago. The 62-year-old acting professional was an individual at FTII. So going there as a chairman and a head for 39 years after he completed from the institute. It was a unique sensation for Anupam Kher. Anupam Kher was requested if he would be able to take out the essential here. We are at his FTII responsibility, given he has many movie tasks and also his own performing academia to serve.Gajendra Chauhan

Actor KRK’s Twitter handle suspended: Twitter rejoices

Kamaal Rashid KhanKRK’s Twitter handle suspended and people are rejoicing. KRK is pretty famous for being a petty human. Commenting and making derogatory remarks on everyone and anyone, be it a celebrity or not. He is infamous for his attitude and unapologetic behaviour, who always makes on really nasty comments on the trending issues. Once, on a woman celebrity, other times on movies and actors, he is infamous for being rude as well. After multiple blocking and reporting of the account. Twitter finally came to the rescue and suspended the actor’s account, much to everyone’s relief.

Actor KRK’s Twitter handle suspended

Kamaal R Khan, who is known for his questionable claims and twitter posts, has once again gone to the news. Now on consideration of his formal Tweets manage being revoking. Kamaal R Khan who is also popular as KRK. A self-proclaimed best film writer, who used to provide his evaluation. Reviews and opinions about a film before its launch. nowadays, saw his Tweets consideration being revoked. However, nobody knows why exactly, his consideration has been taken off the public networking system.

Kamaal Rashid Khan

The Twitter took to their own handles to show their emotions. And some even went to the level of contacting it the best Diwali present. Yes, many also talking that this got to be the best gift by Twitter to its users. By allowing them to breathe good air on Twitter; since the most pollutant of all was removing, finally. His absence is now rejoicing, as many celebrities are now relieving that their movies would not go down. His drain filled thoughts and would now be open to the audience’s reviews and unbiased opinions.

Kamaal started his Bollywood career with the 2008 film ‘Deshdrohi’. Ever since his arrival in Bollywood, his name carve out to be the rudest critique of Bollywood. There’s no detailing of what exactly happened, but this is the outcome.

Kamaal Rashid Khan