The New Galaxy M-Series is Arriving by Samsung

Being one of the most successful brands in markets Samsung now has planned to launch a new Galaxy M-series smartphone in India next week. An attractive poster of the upcoming phone has been found on Twitter and claimed to be launched by next week. The device could have a big screen and it can arrive with a waterdrop notch display, as per the leaked poster. While the name of the upcoming smartphone isn’t given in the leak, it could be named as the Samsung Galaxy M12 or the Samsung Galaxy M62. Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S21 series at its Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event on January 14, but it seems like a Galaxy-M series smartphone could launch in India earlier than that. The tipster Mukul Sharma has shared a poster of the upcoming Samsung smartphone on Twitter. It has the text #MAXUP, which hints at a large battery and suggests that the smartphone will have the volume and power buttons on its right side.  We can speculate the handset could be an affordable offering. Until now, there is no word on what this Samsung Galaxy M-series phone will be but there have been reports of several Galaxy M-series phones that are expected to launch in India in Q1 2021.

The Samsung Galaxy M02s (SM-M025F) was recently spotted on the Google Play supported devices list with the codename ‘a02q’, which is the same as the Galaxy A02s.

This is a pretty good indication the handset could be a rebrand of the Galaxy A02s for some markets The Samsung Galaxy M12 is also expected to feature an enormous 7,000mAh battery. It is also tipped to sport a 6.7-inch display. The smartphone has been caught on multiple certification sites in the last month and a support page for the smartphone also appears to have gone live in India. The Samsung Galaxy M12 has also reportedly gone into mass production at a mobile devices factory in Noida. All of this suggests that the smartphone is ready to be launched soon. If not the Samsung Galaxy M12, the smartphone tipped to launch next week can be the Galaxy M62 as well, which was reportedly in the works too. However, Samsung is expected to launch the anticipated Galaxy S21 series on January 14th .

The lineup is rumoured to comprise of Samsung Galaxy S21Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The upcoming Galaxy M-series device could either have a waterdrop or hole-punch cutout to accommodate the selfie camera and feature volume controls on the right side. The Samsung Galaxy A02s was unveiled back in November alongside the Galaxy A12. The Samsung Galaxy A02s packs a 6.5-inch HD+ Infinity V display with a waterdrop notch. It is powered by an octa-core processor coupled with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage that is further expandable through a micro SD card. The handset boots Android 10-based OneUI custom skin on top. Moving to cameras, the Samsung Galaxy A02s has triple cameras with a 13MP primary sensor, a 2MP depth sensor for portrait shots, and a 2MP macro unit for close up shots. There is a 5MP camera on the front for selfies and video chats. The phone packs a 5,000mAh battery and supports 15W fast charging. Samsung Galaxy A02s is priced at EUR 150 (around Rs 13,200) for the single 3GB + 32GB model.

Google is working to introduce the New Google Pilot Feature

Google has presently started working on a new feature that would aggregate short videos from individual applications like TikTok and Instagram to display them on its search results. As per reports, Google is operational on the possibility to feature the videos from these two platforms. This way if the feature is rolled out, users would no longer have to open separate applications to watch videos but they can be watched within the Google app. With this, the individual popularities of those applications that Google is including might decline. As per latest report, Google has confirmed working on a new feature like this. Google is testing the feature on mobiles now. The feature is in its early stage of development on the Google app and the website on mobiles. This means that the video carousel would not appear on your search results as of now but as Google rolls out the feature it would surface top video content from TikTok and Instagram. The feature might be named as Google Pilot. Although, Google already has Google Stories but the report states that the “Short Videos” carousel is quite different. The report suggests that once you click on the videos in the short video carousel, you will be taken to the web version of Instagram or TikTok. Well, it won’t open the applications of the social media platforms but will play under Google itself, even if you have the apps installed in your devices.

The feature was first spotted by one of the Twitter users, who also shared a screenshot of it. Saad A K, was among the first few people, who has got a sight of the feature.

He mentioned that

“he looked for the word ‘Biryani’ and video results from YouTube also appeared on Google Search”.

However, he mentioned that the video results do not appear for every search. Another user named Brian Freiesleben was the first to spot videos from TikTok and Instagram. He commented under Saad’s tweet and wrote, “Noticed Google pulling in Instagram and TikTok videos into this “short videos” carousel this morning.” He also shared the screenshot of his search results and the short video carousels. onsidering TikTok is banned in India, it remains unclear whether the feature will be rolled out to users in India or not. It is not known yet whether Google will only stick to Instagram videos or partner with any of the Indian clones of the Chinese-short video platform. TikTok, on the other hand, still has its offices running in India. As per insiders, the company has not laid off any employees in India and it is in talks with the government to bring the application back in the country. Google has declined to officially provide any statement on the matter or further detail its plans, but unofficially it is confirmed that the feature was currently being piloted on smart phone devices. They clarified that means it’s a limited, early-stage feature. In other words, you won’t find the video carousel on every search query just yet. But in long run, as Google scales the product, it could become an exciting tool for indexing and surfacing top video contents from other social media unless, of course, the platforms choose to block Google from doing so. The feature is currently available in a limited way on the Google app for mobile devices and on the mobile web.

Asteroid 16 Psyche values 70,000 Times the Global Economy

Asteroid 16 Psyche is a large metal asteroid that had been discovered by the Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis on 17th March 1852 from Naples and named after the Greek mythological figure Psyche. It is one of the dozen most massive asteroids, containing about 1% of the mass of the asteroid belt, and is over 200 kilometers (120 mi) in diameter. Psyche is one of the most massive of the metal-rich M-type asteroids. It’s worth is estimated to be approximately $10,000 quadrillion. Its composition and density match Mesosiderite meteorites and it is likely their parent body. Psyche is scheduled for space exploration, targeted for January 2026. The prefix “16” signifies that it was the sixteenth minor planet in order of discovery. Psyche is a unique and rare metal asteroid that has been orbiting between Mars and Jupiter in our solar system since a long time. Only recently NASA has been able to get a closer look at the object. What makes the asteroid Psyche very unique is that it appears to be made up of the exposed nickel-iron core of an early planet that is believed to be one of the building blocks of our solar system.

Deep within the rocky, terrestrial planets, including Earth, scientists infer the presence of metallic cores, but these lie unreachably far below the planets’ rocky mantles and crusts. Because we cannot see or measure Earth’s core directly, Asteroid Psyche offers a unique window into the violent history of collisions and accretion that created terrestrial planets. The mission is led by Arizona State University.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is responsible for mission management, operations and navigation.

The spacecraft’s solar-electric propulsion chassis will be built by Maxar (formerly SSL) with a payload that includes an imager, magnetometer, and a gamma-ray spectrometer. Psyche is so massive an Asteroid that its gravitational perturbations on other asteroids can be observed, which enables a mass measurement. The values for the mass of (3.38±0.28)×10−11 M and the density of 6.98±0.58 g/cm3 obtained from a 2002 analysis by Kuzmanoski and Kovačević, of a close encounter with asteroid (13206) 1997 GC22. The new, high density estimate suggests that 16 Psyche must be composed mostly of metals. As of 2019, the best mass estimate is (2.41±0.32)×1019 kg, with a derived bulk density of 3.99±0.26 g/cm3.

With the latest research, scientist at the Southwest Research Institute has observed the asteroid through the Hubble Space Telescope at two specific points in its rotation to view the both sides of it completely. The study also involves the first ultraviolet observation of asteroid Psyche, offering a clearer picture of its composition for the first time. “We’ve seen meteorites that are mostly metal, but Psyche could be unique in that it might be an asteroid that is totally made of iron and nickel,” Dr. Tracy Becker, the author of the study commented in a statement. The scientists noted that the manner in which ultraviolet light was reflected from Psyche was very similar to the way in which iron reflects sunlight.

“We were able to identify for the first time on any asteroid what we think are iron oxide ultraviolet absorption bands,” Becker further says.

“This is an indication that oxidation is happening on the asteroid, which could be a result of the solar wind hitting the surface.” The term ‘solar wind’ refers to a stream of charged particles emitted from the sun’s hot surface atmosphere, which is known as its Corona. However, the researchers pointed out that the presence of even a minute amount of iron can dominate UV observations.

Metal asteroids are not commonly found in the solar system, and scientists believe that studying 16 Psyche may offer a rare glimpse of what the inside of a planet really looks like. “To understand what really makes up a planet and to potentially see the inside of a planet is fascinating. Once we get to Psyche, we’re really going to understand if that’s the case, even if it doesn’t turn out as we expect. Any time there’s a surprise, it’s always exciting,” Beck said.

1st Ever 3D Print House Built in Kancheepuram, India

With the advent of today’s thrilling modern technology, the 3D printing which is otherwise called as additive manufacturing is in process that helps mankind by making three dimensional solid objects from digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. In an additive process an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is shaped. Each of these layers can be seen as thinly sliced cross-sections of the object. 3D printing is the opposite of subtractive manufacturing which is hollowing out a piece of metal or plastic with for instance a milling machine. To understand simply, a 3D printing technology basically is a computer-controlled execution of printing an object layer-by-layer and is being used for manufacturing various prototype models and producing complex shapes of engineering products, but 3D printing with concrete has remained at a nascent stage internationally till today. This AI technology of 3D printing is proving to be very efficient and precise in constructing complicated solid structures in present time.

According to the recent Harvard Business Review, over 30% of the top 300 largest global brands now are using or evaluating 3D printing processes, whether to prototype new products or conduct other innovation-research projects or to perform the real production of what they sell. As said by Dartmouth’s Richard D’Aveni, “there is no question that 3D has reached a tipping point.” The report looks at the current status of the 3D printing industry and in doing so it makes a bold prediction:

“The question is not if, but when companies need to start considering 3D printing.”

This means that we may have arrived now at a turning point for manufacturing, and those businesses that are still on the fence about the advantages of 3D printing soon might find themselves falling into a deep, dark chasm of financial heartache. There is nothing to indicate that it is not one of the usual concrete buildings of the urban landscape, but it is different and it is special.  As according to the brand-new news of 3D building in Chennai, India what makes it unique is its ground-plus-first floor building in Kancheepuram, about 75 km from Chennai that has been fully constructed using only a 3D printer and a special concrete mix. L&T, the engineering and construction company has built this concrete building using a fully automated 3D printer with an indigenously advanced concrete mixture and some manual labor. The special concrete mix used by the printer has been prepared using the same concrete composition used for regular construction materials. Mr. M.V. Satish, senior executive vice president (Buildings) L&T, said the success of the building project lies in its construction executed in both vertical and horizontal methods using reinforced bars and welded mesh. The building project was executed at an open project site and has been completed within 106 printing hours. The vertical and horizontal methodology formulated for the 3D building project meets the provisions of the Indian codes for construction. The cost is optimal, compared to what is spent on traditional manpower and material-intensive construction, he added. This 700-sq. ft. building is an advancement over the company’s project last year, a 3D printed 240-sq. ft. one-bedroom house aimed at promoting building layouts and exploring 3D printing technology for house construction. It could make housing for all viable.

New Year brings the Play Station 5 Launch in India

The good news with the advent of new year 2021 is that, the PlayStation 5, by Sony will be launched in India on February 2 with pre-orders for the PS5 starting from January 12 at 12pm IST. The company has shared the news on Twitter through its PlayStation India account and said that pre-orders will be open untill stocks last. According to a new report, 3.4 million units of the PS5 were sold in its very first month, making it the highest ever for any PlayStation console. The selling is planned to take off  live with the online applications of Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, Reliance Digital, Games The Shop, Shop at Sony Center, Vijay Sales, and selected authorised retail partners.

The console originally launched in selected regions on November 12 and rest of the world excluding India on November 19, 2020.

It was supposed to have a “late 2020” launch in India but this clearly could not happen, with stock shortages, BIS certification, and a copyright issue being some of the explanations that were rumoured. Finally now, the console is coming to Indian market.

Earlier, Sony had a rough time trying to get its new console to Indian marke as earlier in the year, the company had to deal with a patent dispute where the trademark for the PS5 name in the country was filed by an individual three months before Sony filed for the trademark. As of now we only know the India pricing of the PlayStation 5, which was announced back in October, along with a listing on the official PlayStation website. But ever since then there hasn’t been any other communication from Sony India regarding the launch or pre-orders, other than boilerplate responses. Some marketing materials had mentioned an obscure “late 2020” availability, but even those have been cleansed away.

It is very strange that Sony is keeping this quiet when it comes to sharing information regarding the launch date or reason(s) for the delays.

Not only is the company disappointing its fanbase in India, but it is also giving Microsoft an upper hand in the console wars. Microsoft claims that it has witnessed a record demand and sales for the new consoles globally, including India, as it was one of the 40 countries where the Xbox Series X and Series S were available on launch day. While the stock situation for all the new consoles are not all that great over the world, interested consumers at least have a chance of landing a PlayStation 5 officially in the regions it has launched. The company had announced Indian pricing prior to its launch. The Digital Edition of the PS5 will cost around Rs. 39,990 and the standard edition with a disk drive will cost around  Rs. 49,990. As for the accessories, the DualSense Wireless Controller is  priced at Rs. 5,990, the HD camera at Rs.5,190, the Pulse 3D Wreless Headset at at Rs. 8,590, the media remote at Rs.2,590 and the Dual sense Charging Station at Rs. 2,590. Sony also revealed prices for some games in India. Games like ‘Demon’s Souls’, ‘Destruction Allstars’ and ‘Marvel Spiderman: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition’ will cost Rs 4,999 each. Games like ‘Sackboy: A Big Adventure’ and ‘Marvel Spiderman: Miles Morales’ will cost Rs 3,999.

Telsa Cras to Launch in India

Tesla is an American all-electric car company, started running primarily by Elon Musk in 2003 that has been on a growth spree for the past one decade. The company’s first car, the Tesla Roadster, was introduced in 2008 to showcase the capabilities of an all-electric car. The Roadster used the bodyshell of the Lotus Elise sports car and came with an all-electric battery pack that was claimed to deliver a range of 200 miles (around 320km). Later, Tesla launched its first completely in-house developed car – the Model S sedan in 2012, and followed it with the Model X SUV in 2015, while expanding its footprint in the global passenger market. The commencement of Tesla Motors happened twelve years back in the Silicon Valley, founded by a group of a few engineers in 2003.

Presently the brand has hired more than 12000 employees and operates a revenue of 3 billion US dollars annually.

Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning was the one who laid the founding stone to the company in the beginning who incorporated the firm in July 2003 and financed it until the Series A round of funding. Elon Musk is the third member who led the Series A round of funding in February 2004. Soon after this, he joined the company’s board of directors as the chairman. The company is named after Nikola Tesla, a physicist and an electrical engineer who pioneered AC induction Motor technology more than a century ago. With the ambition of commercializing electric vehicles, Tesla motors started off its journey with a sports car and moved into the mainstream segment with a Sedan and a Crossover model. The company’s engineers have developed the first fully electric sports car using the same AC induction motor technology, which was patented in 1888 by Nikola Tesla. Then Tesla Roadster was launched in the year 2008, whose pickup rate from 0 to 100 Kmph was clocked in just 3.8 seconds. The company has sold more than 2400 units of Roadsters in more than 30 countries all over the globe. Its first ever luxury Sedan was the Tesla Model S, which was launched in 2012. Earlier this year, it presented a full-size crossover Model X, whose design is based on the Model S Sedan.

At present it is working on Model 3, which is slated to go into mass-production by 2020.

Tesla has now gotten interested in entering the Indian market by 2021 as clarified by Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways and the Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Tesla brand has decided to add to a prospective buyer’s choices to enter into the Indian vehicle marketing industry. The brand is popular for models like Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model Y cars majorly. The first offering from the Tesla brand is likely to tug it out in the Pickup Trucks segment.

During the conversation with Indian Express editors, the minister underlined the push for electrical cars in the country and said a lot of Indian companies were also working on electrical vehicles that might be more affordable, but technically as advanced as the Tesla. He said Tesla will start operations first with sales and then maybe look at assembly and manufacturing based on the response to the cars.

“India is going to become a number 1 manufacturing hub for auto in five years,” Gadkari added.

In October, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had suggested that the company will come to India in 2021 while responding to a tweet from India. “Next year for sure,” Musk had replied when a handle called Tesla Club India checked with him about the company’s progress in India. The brand has collected $1000 deposit from interested buyers in India in 2016 and a year after the booking were started but due to some delays Telsa is finally launching in early 2021.

Google & Apple TV to Collaborate to the Benefit of Customers with their Joint Ventures.

Since Television is invented, it has been one of the most loved home appliances. Ranging from monochrome (black-and-white) TV, it evolved to colored television and gradually to 3-dimensional (3D) TV, and the technology is still to evolving. And now, gone are the days of traditional TVs with cable and channels. The recent development of advanced TVs makes their customers watch what they want to watch, how and when they want to watch and what content. These fast developments bring heavy competition into the digital market and a lot of high-tech and AI enabled smart machines are gaining popularity and newer devices are getting updated at a speed of rapid fire. In terms of hardware, the size of display panel is getting larger while the weight is getting lighter day by day with the rapid high-tech advancing. TV is getting integrated with software and the internet, with the availability of ‘smart TVs’ in market.


According to the recent report of Google, Apple’s TV app and paid streaming service Apple TV+ will be available on Google’s latest Chromecast device by early 2021.

Although Apple in the past had the access given for only its own ecosystem of hardware devices, but it recently relaxed the stance in a bid to grow its services business with Google. Google too announced in a blog post that Apple TV will be available on more devices powered by Android TV operating systems in coming days. Besides, to Google, Apple Music will be available on Google smart speakers as well like in Google Assistant-enabled devices such as , Nest Hub Max, Nest Audio and Nest Mini are adding support for Apple Music. The services will be available in France, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US. To avail the service, you can select Apple Music as your default music streaming service and then you can instruct your Google Assistant to play a song or playlist for you and it will be streamed via the service. With this, Apple’s music streaming service joins the likes of Spotify and YouTube Premium.

“This makes the Chromecast with Google TV one of the only streaming devices with all the major video subscriptions,”

as explained by Android and Google Play head of media and entertainment Jonathan Zepp in some blog post. “With Google TV, you’ll be able to see Apple Originals in your personalized recommendations and search results, making it even easier to find your favorite shows and movies. And, you’ll be able to save them to your Watchlist to catch up on later.” Earlier the Apple TV app was available on devices of Amazon Fire TV and Roku. The Fire TV stick customers can install the Apple TV app by visiting the Application section and then looking for the Apple TV App. Further, the get button has to be clicked to install it. It can directly be installed from the Amazon website.

Both Google and Amazon have recently released new set-top devices for Chromecast and Fire TV, respectively, along with newer features for both.

Meanwhile, the American tech giants, are encountering a multiplying set of rivals globally for smart TV dominance. Russian search engine giant Yandex added its Alice voice assistant to its smart TV platform last month, just as Australia’s largest television subscription service, Foxtel, upgraded its smart TV service by adding TiVo’s voice search platform. In Europe, France’s SFR and Vodafone in Spain debuted smart speakers with unique voice assistants that can act independently yet are deeply integrated with their smart TV platforms and bring unique content to people’s homes.

The 5 Must Have Electronic Toothbrushes of 2020!

One little smile a day goes a long way. And for your smile the most important part is your teeth. Teeth are the most vital organ of human body and taking care of teeth is one of the most important daily routines for any civil human being. The modern-day technology brings you some of the best options of electronic tooth brushes that we will discuss in this article. Recent research has found that gum disease can result in early mental decline such as Alzheimer’s, while poor oral health can also lead to an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, dementia and male sexual health problems. After conducting research on a lot of available electric brushes from leading brands in market this list provides the best ones just for you. Most of these are battery equipped and very compatible with the present-day companion apps and Bluetooth connectivity to help you track your brushing and also identifying potential oral problems.


the biggest decision that you have to make is whether you go for an oscillating brush or sonic brush.

Oscillating-rotating brushes have a small, circular brush head that targets individual teeth, while the brush head of a sonic toothbrush (Philips Sonicare the leading brand) is similar to that of a manual toothbrush. Oscillating designs (read: Oral-B) rotate at between 2,500 and 7,500 brushes per minute in comparison to around 300 manually. Sonic brushes, on the other hand, manage an estimated 30,000 brushes per minute. According to a test the oscillating-rotating toothbrushes performs better, but in a similar research survey favored sonic models, while many trials rank them equally good at removing plaque. But, one thing that is certain and even being advised by the dentists is that an electric toothbrush is significantly better than a manual toothbrush.

Let’s list the top 5 toothbrushes of 2020 to your advantage.

  1. Philip Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart 9500

Your mouth will thank you for the investment if you go for this Philip brush.

Combination of five cleaning modes, three intensity settings and four different brush heads meant we spent ages brushing, whitening, polishing and tongue cleaning. And that’s even before we got to the smart Application features and neat touches such as the brush head replacement alerts. If you want to discover more about how you brush your teeth, and improve upon it, this is the best option for you. The application syncs over Bluetooth and tracks your brushing and with the help of a mouth map, highlighting if and where you need to brush more, the brush itself vibrates and lights up if you press too hard. Once you’ve finished the two minutes clean it will also show you which teeth to go back to for a more thorough cleaning. Once you’ve finished the two minutes clean it will also show you which teeth to go back to for a more thorough cleaning. It tracks your brushing routine. Also, the build quality here is also worth a mention, being leagues ahead of anything else, feeling solid and expensive, with a good (14-day) battery life, stylish glass charging stand and practical travel case that can be charged via built-in USB cable, not two-pin shaver socket. It has the greatest build quality with good battery life and superb clean capability although it is a bit expensive and the app is slightly overkill.

  1. Oral B iO Series 9

Headline features on the Oral B iO Series 9 include 3D Teeth Tracking using A.I. via the smartphone application to monitor brushing, seven brushing modes including sensitive, ultra-sensitive, whitening and tongue cleaning, it knows when you’re pressing too hard, and when you’re not exerting enough pressure, there’s a color screen, countdown timer, effort-based emojis and fast charging on it. Also, even without the smart features it cleans great, it has a count down timer, moody emojis for if you miss the full 120 seconds cleaning. Its battery life is good, with a magnetic charger in a case. It is helpful for deep, thorough cleaning; green light indicates good brushing; A.I. like a dental hygienist on tap. Its cheap travel case; countdown timer hard to read; do we really need emojis?

  1. Foreo ISSA2

Foreo ISSA2 is super stylish having a body and bristles of hygienic silicone.

It has 16 power levels and two brush heads one that is completely made of silicone and one that combines silicone and soft bristles for a very gentle clean. It can be charged using USB and it will warn you when the battery is running low instead of just running out of steam mid-brush, although that won’t be an issue all that often, as the battery can last an entire year on a single charge. Positively it has 16 power levels; stylish design; hygienic silicone; gentle cleaning but negatively it looks a bit like an erotic toy.


It is an extremely simple brush with one mode and two minutes timer along with 30 second interval vibrations.

It’s basic but beautifully executed, the design is slim and the metal handle verges on the luxurious. (A cheaper plastic option is also available). The brush head is soft and has silicone bristles around the edge for gentle gum cleaning. Flip it over and there’s a small area of rubber designed for cleaning your tongue. The slender body and case make it ideal for travel, the rubber strip on the case lid sticks to the mirror and once in place you can’t accidentally turn the brush on which means a: you don’t risk a flat battery when you arrive and there’s no chance of being mortified at check-in as your luggage vibrates. Weighing only a little more than a traditional brush we found ourselves brushing manually in conjunction with the vibrations, which didn’t give great results. Patience is a virtue with this one, and it will take getting used to, especially if you’re a fan of firmer bristles. It has very good cleaning, it is compact, it has slim design and its simple to use although having a learning curve.

  1. Oral B Genious X

This brush has six independent cleaning modes. They are pro clean, daily clean, sensitive, tongue cleaning, whitening and gum care, plus timers to make sure you brush for long enough and pressure sensors to prevent you from pushing too hard. It has Bluetooth connection option to track how long you are spending on each tooth. In the end you get scoring out of 100 on your performance of brushing. In addition to the cleaning modes, it has oscillating design with USB charging. Also, it is very light with practical application and exceptional cleaning capacity. To its negative side it is expensive and it doesn’t have A.I. benefits.

Wanting to Save some Space in Your Phone from WhatsApp Photos?


WhatsApp in our mobile phones is so convenient that we are almost totally dependent on it for our communications and conversations.  Its an online chat app where we feel more comfortable and confident in communications, sometimes even than talking over call. WhatsApp also allows us to communicate with emojis, emoticons, gifts and it has scopes for pictures and audio, video sharing. Most of our contacts today have these app in their smart phones and we send receive millions of data daily over this app. However, how smart is this in handling these data that clog our device massively is quite uncertain. In this article we discuss how this image sharing leads to the clogging of storage in our devices and what is the easy fix to that. It is important to understand that more data clogging in our phone’s memory happens for the gifts, audios, videos we share exchange than normal chats. These data automatically take the space in our gallery and shows as pictures or videos through WhatsApp album there.

Recently, there has been a few improvements on this that we find with the updated version of WhatsApp. This version gives you more space and setting to customize what you wish with the privacy options. But before that you need to begin with a clear-out. Some of your longest running and most active WhatsApp chats most likely takes up a sizeable portion of your device storage.

WhatsApp has introduced some of these new storage management tools to help you take back control for the better functioning through some unclogging of the device.

Now you do the following. In WhatsApp, navigate to ‘Settings’ (found in the menu represented by three dots in the top right of WhatsApp), then ‘Storage and data’, and then ‘Manage storage’. This page shows a list of your conversations and how much storage each of them have used. Tap on a person or group and you’ll see how many messages, contacts, photos, locations, gifs, videos, documents and audio messages are saved. You can ‘free up space’ by selecting the option on screen and deciding which categories of data to get rid of from the chat. Well, if you do not want to get rid of all the documents then there is the advantage of ‘Manage Storage’ option that could be used to selectively deleting and saving data. It shows about how much of data has been consumed by WhatsApp in your device

Now the next step is to restrict the auto downloads of data and documents by WhatsApp. By default, on both Android and iOS, WhatsApp will automatically download and save images to your phone. The platform does this so it can provide you with a ‘quick access to your latest photos’. But this setting can be changed. Head to ‘Settings’, then ‘Chats’.

On Android devices turning off ‘Media visibility’ will stop newly downloaded photos and videos from appearing in your phone’s gallery.

While on iOS through the same chat’s menu, selecting the ‘Save to camera roll’ option will let you turn it off.  Besides, WhatsApp has a few options for download settings, they’re found in the ‘Data and storage usage’ menu. The options are broadly the same on both Android and iOS. You can select whether media will automatically download or not if you’re depending on mobile data, connected to a Wi-Fi network, or never. Android also has the option to limit automatic downloads when you’re on roaming mode.

By default, WhatsApp will download images when you have a mobile data connection and video when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. Customizing these options to never, or only to download everything on Wi-Fi, can help you save some mobile internet data but also comes with the caveat that you’ll have to touch tap each image or video when you want to download them.

Reviewing the New YoloBox, YoloLiv

How interesting will it be to have an all in one device to stream anything live on every network of your choice just instantly? The new 2019 CES award-winning YoloBox also called Yolo liv is not just elegant and compact in its looks but also serves your modern-day needs proficiently. Having built in battery for hassle free field shoot with HD resolution, it is one of the best stand-alone encoder in market right now having both video input and network output for an easy streaming so you don’t need an interface. The device has touch screen operation with dimension of 185*107*19.5mm (LxWxH), up to three cameras input, one USB and one SD card input, both audio input and output, an Ethernet input, one SIM card insert facility and a Type C charging point. The packaging provides two cables, one type C cable for charging, one mount for camera set up with the device, a pouch for keeping the monitor safe and a user manual.

The best bet we have with this device is that it has the ability to connect multiple cameras all at a time to switch through them and stream together. For audio output, either a microphone with its audio-in point or any of the cameras could be chosen to work. There is a separate SD card slot which could be used for recording and saving a stream and special effects to be added through this which could appear on your live stream to make it even more interesting. For example, the venue of an event or other notifications could be added to the live broadcast with this option that provides a customized streaming.

For network connection, Ethernet cable input has been there and what makes this extraordinary is that it comes with a sim card slot as well, so even in case of not having access to an Ethernet link to the internet or a Wi-Fi network, you can use a mobile contract subscription and go absolutely mobile. Additionally there is HDMI out if you want to plug in a monitor or another YoloBox.

For the first time use you need to register an account with an email address and after being verified you can set a password for your account and then on you are supposed to use that account. While using it is easier to first make your camera all set up for shoot and then connect it to the Yolobox to start it to stream hassle free. You can switch between multiple cameras to capture different angles. Why is it so beneficial is because, first of all it saves you a lot of post shoot editing. Anything could be streamed just being live and also could be saved to watch later.

Yolobox is the most efficient for regular videographers and vloggers.

It could make you shoot your event all by yourself as it is easy with no post editing and gives multiple streaming platforms live like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and many more with customization options .

No doubt there are still a few limitations to this device like they only include 2 HDMI cables, but many cameras still use mini-HDMI inputs. Extra cables are needed if anyone uses Go Pro and Canon 5D Mark III as they have mini and micro HDMI inputs. However, the newer generation cameras mostly have regular HDMI inputs, so this won’t be a great deal for those. Also, it doesn’t have a facility to show how many people are watching the live streaming of if anyone could be commenting on the stream and you have to use another device to track the audience. The product is easily available on online shopping platforms like Amazon with a few good reviews. Below are a few examples.

  1. Zameer P.

5.0 out of 5 stars ❤ One of the Best Capture Card Till Date❤

Reviewed in India on 4 October 2020

Verified Purchase

One Of the best product from Cloner Alliance. I simply love the team of Engineer’s who had created it. I actually added to cart and it got out of Stock I was worried that, may not get in

future. It’s not a blind Buy believe me. It’s one of the Outstanding Product.
As soon as it updated, Grab it forever.

  1. Sundarraj m

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent device

Reviewed in India on 30 September 2019

Verified Purchase

Superb device… reasonable price compare to other video capture devices. Quality of product is very good.

Concluding we must say with the advancing of technologies it is inevitable for human beings to move ahead or they will just lag behind their own younger generation. Yolobox is such a thing that could erase the limitations of physical proximities in a very modern and developed form in present era by connecting the old to the new, beyond space and time. And if you really wish to go on capturing the best moments of your lives this device is a best example to serve the purpose. So go Yolo.

Mausumi Mishra

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