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US military base on high alert after firing incident outside Naval Station

After the incident of firing outside its naval station, the US has put all military bases on high alert. The Northern Command of America, known as Northcom, issued an advisory on Saturday night to increase surveillance at all security check points. It is also learned that the FBI is looking for some military students of Saudi Arabia. These students have been missing since the shootout in Pensacola.

After the incident of firing outside its naval station, the US has put all military bases on high alert.

US military base on high alert
US military base on high alert

One of his companions, while firing at the 21-year-old Mohammad Saeed Al-Sharmani Naval Base, killed three people while 12 people were injured. Later he was piled by the police. Investigators detained 10 students in this case. Later this number was reduced to six. The administration has not revealed the number of these students. But their search is on. It has not been told whether these students can pose a threat or not.