Kaash Aisa Ho Music Video Megha Sharma with Bank of Bollywood

What attracted you to begin a career as a Model and Actress?- Bank of Bollywood I was miss Dehradoon in 2009 so yes that had inspired me a lot to begin my career into acting and modelling field… And since childhood, Megha Sharma passion was into acting only… The very first inspiration when I was 11yrs old was one and only one Madhuri mam when I use to see her dancing and performing well in movies… And after one day all of a sudden have tried for Miss Dehradoon contest which has inspired me more to try my luck here.

Actress are Performing Central Character in the Many Big Budget Films these days. How do see this Change in the Industry       

Well it depends on actor how they perform and what kind of a movie or character they wanna do,  so for me I don’t feel any such changes regarding this… I believe in hard work and one should be always passionate what ever they do…

How different it is to Perform as an Actress comparing to Fashion Model?- Bank of Bollywood

Yes both the sides are different… A model can just pose well and can perform well in ramp shows but an actress have to give her performance best when she is in a character with her expressions too… So yeah ill say to be an actress is little difficult as in comparison of model.

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What are your strong points or say the Special Characteristics, which makes you Different from other upcoming Actress?

Megha Sharma always optimistic whatever phases come in front of me and a hard working lady who believes in self-dedication which makes me special and different from others… I don’t believe in comparing myself with anyone coz everyone has their own speciality in them but I do believe in myself and my karma too which makes me more strong…

Do you think that you have the potential to carry a film on your shoulders?- Bank of Bollywood

Of course if that time will come Megha Sharma wanna definitely prove myself as I think I have that much capability to be in a movie… As an actor I m not looking for a lead only, if ill get a nice character role too will definitely wanna grab that opportunity…

What change do you see after your Music Video is out now and Everyone is appreciating your Work?

Well it’s a great opportunity for me and I am performing as a lead in this album and it’s a big break for me to prove Megha Sharma. I hope people love me like this way and shower their blessings on me and hope to do more and more work like this for my fans and followers whoever loves me…

Have you progressed as you have expected?

Of course, I have done many TV serials as a character one but yes whatever I have expected in life I get that only or you can say beyond the expectations… I have never struggled like other model or actors do…may be its my luck by God of Grace..

Do you think honesty is always the best policy?

I do believe in honesty but sometimes as I have seen people being honest doesn’t get anything… Honesty should be there but not everytime… And in industry I don’t think honesty do work…

Who is your favorite actor and Why?

I like Deepika padukon and she is my inspiration… As she is too talented and she have a grace and that beauty which make her my favorite and even many of her fans… In actor I like Tiger Shroff coz of his looks,  acting and the way he do martial arts

Tell me about what you’re working Plans on now and your Future.

As of now I am trying for TV serials but yes future plans might be I can grab a movie soon which is not sure but yes if my luck n my hard work will be there, soon ill get an opportunity in Bollywood…

Marathi film Yetay Na Lagnala at Filmcity Featuring Mahesh Manjrekar

Producer Amol Utekar of Stellaria Studios and director Pradeep Maistry kept the shooting of their Marathi film Yetay Na Lagnala at Filmcity Temple. Mahesh Manjrekar was seen in baba costume. Siddharth Jadhav, Saurabh Gokhale, Neetha Shetty, Sanskruti Balgude and Rani Agarwal were also shooting for the film . Sameer Athalye is the cameraman of the film where as Naresh S Choudhary is the co producer the film. The entire shoot of the film will complete in February. Pradeep Maistry told media that the film is a comedy film with songs

Sameer Athalye is the cameraman of the film where as Naresh S Choudhary is the co producer the film.

pradeep maistry,rani agarwal & siddharth jadhav

mahesh manjrekar vinod,neethy shetty,amol utekar,rani agarwal & naresh choudharysiddharth jadhav & amol utekar

Vidya Balan is now set to seduce the audience with her sensuous voice

Vidya Balan

If there is an actress who can not only be recognized for acting skills, yet, has more skills, then it will be only one named Vidya Balan. She is the most talented actress the Bollywood film industry has ever got with. Although she hasn’t made big success with her recent released in the industry. Every other movies that she acts with comes out with a great hype. As people know how great actor potential she has got in her. Her recent releases like Kahaani 2, Teen, Begum Jaan didn’t go much around the blockbuster list. Yet, she gained her name by showcasing her acting skills in these movies. Her next upcoming movie named Tumhari Sulu is going to change her name not only as an actress, but also as a singer.

Vidya Balan is now set to seduce the audience

vidya balan

The movie Tumhari Sulu will be a light hearted drama that deals about the life story of a home maker named Sulu, who boosts a lot about winning many gift prizes on the radio contests. Her life completely changes when she comes across a new job opening advertisement that states any one can become a Radio Jockey.

Neha Dupia, plays the owner of the radio station. She does hires Vidya Balan for her station and even makes her speak for her brands and other advertisements. Also, related to the radio station. Sulu therefore becomes the best RJ within the town and her. Seductive late night voice shows makes many people glue to their radios. The star arrives with her reaching many people through her show at the radio station every other day.

But, as time moves on she faces other challenges in her life. Also, the way she handles everything will be the movie said the Director.

Vidya balan

Three big stars come together to act on a whooping budget: Karan Johar

Amitabh Bachchan It’s the season to see many big stars on the silver screen, and now it’s the three big stars, namely Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have come together to act under a movie that shall be produced by none other than Karan Johar. This particular project has been making its own rumors and has been in the public talk for the past few weeks after a rumor came out that the movie might be named as Dragon. The official tweet from KJ himself, confirmed about the collaboration with these three big stars together and the movie has been named as Brahmastra. It shall be directed by the best friend of Ranbir Kapoor, named as Ayan Mukherji.

Three big stars come together to act on a whopping budget for his movie: Karan Johar

Ayan Mukerji

The production has made a clear release date and the movie is said to be releasing by August 15, of 2019. Karan announced the date and the movie has been in cards since the past few days. This flick is a special one to Karan Johar. As the movie gets released on the most auspicious and respected day. Also, this is the Independence Day of India.

Ranbir Kapoor

The recent buzz about the movie is that is shall be made with a huge budget. It is said to be the highest of any movie that has come under the production of Karan Johar. With such big stars on screen, it’s a fact that the overall budget shall turn high. Yet, KJ never feels about the budgets as the movie has its own star value. The actors are much capable to perform well for the movie, which makes him even invest more for the movie.

This superhero flick is his dream project and KJ shall be bringing up the overall budget. He has even asked the team not to think about the budget. He only needs results with such big stars on board.Alia Bhatt

Parineeti Chopra opens up about her depression for first time

Parineeti ChopraDeepika Padukone suffered a lot with depression during the year 2014 and after hitting the hard battle, she overcame it and turned victorious fighting the illness on her own, and she has now started an NGO on her own. She has been giving out speeches and other encouragements that many people around the world are in need form. In a similar way, it was Parineeti Chopra who has recently opened up about her depression. It’s the first time she has revealed it to the media and with the public. She has revealed how much she suffered and how she handled herself during the tough situations. Both emotionally and physically to the media. This blog is all about the latest news of some actress.

In a similar way, it was Parineeti Chopra who has recently opened up about her depression.

Thankfully, she was able to fight up with her depression and she is now pretty much happier than ever. She has thanked her brother named Sahaj, who was found to be helping her out during the touch phases she was facing in the past few years of time. Without his help, she would not have the happy and positive mind state at present.

Deepika Padukone

She even talk about her that “I think it’s with us, the human beings who consider ourselves as being emotionally evolved, and we always have a person or an event that comes with our lives and even changes the way we think at first place.”

About the emotional phase with some latest news:

Parineeti Chopra said that she was very confident about every other decision she has ever taken in her life. And in the past few years, under which she went through a touch phase emotionally. Also, she was really down and looking out for help. It was with the help of her brother and her own mental state that completely changed her both physically and emotionally and she looks even more gorgeous on both on screen and latest news.

Parineeti Chopra

Anupam Kher visits FTII to give surprise:- Bank of Bollywood

Anupam KherAnupam Kher, famous for his acting schools, and the way he grooms the young actors and actresses and wannabes, in out for a surprise to FTII, Pune. He is amazingly down for helping the people who are new to the industry.

Anupam Kher visits FTII to give a surprise

Anupam Kher, who was employed Seat of Film and TV Organization of India (FTII) on Oct 11. Compensated a surprise visit to the institution university in Pune on Friday morning time hours.

He apparently described that he had not given before information about his visit to the control. The students because he desired to get in the FTII gateways as an individual. It is just like what he had done 40 years ago. He had a brief relationship with the students of the 2016 number of the FTII and observed their grouses for their teachers. The performing expert apparently forced on the fact that students come to a company to understand and hence solving their problems is important.

Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher is an alumnus and a former chair of the popular National School of Situation (NSD). His main motive was to give surprise to the students. Explaining his first day at the Movie and Tv Institution of Indian (FTII), newly-appointed chair. Expert acting professional Anupam Kher says that he interacted with the learners. Not from a job of power but in a helpful way that disarmed them.

Anupam changed expert acting professional Gajendra Chauhan as the chair of the prestigious govt institute. (Which had been in the middle of an issue since Chauhan’s consultation in 2015) a couple weeks ago. The 62-year-old acting professional was an individual at FTII. So going there as a chairman and a head for 39 years after he completed from the institute. It was a unique sensation for Anupam Kher. Anupam Kher was requested if he would be able to take out the essential here. We are at his FTII responsibility, given he has many movie tasks and also his own performing academia to serve.Gajendra Chauhan

Radhika Apte and Konkana Sen Sharma assistance to #MeToo campaign

Konkona Sen SharmaResponding to the #MeToo strategy on sex-related pestering and attack began by The show biz industry acting professional Alyssa Milano, Bollywood stars Konkana Sen Sharma and Radhika Apte has come out in assistance of it.

Radhika Apte and Konkana Sen Sharma assistance to #MeToo campaign

Since the activity began, after huge sex-related attack expenses popped up against The show biz industry movie manufacturer Harvey Weinstein, several females now talk about their encounters on public networking using – hashtag MeToo.

“What is awesome about it is if it can make individuals view the scale of the issue&its excellent, if it allows other individuals to talk up about it then that’s amazing. Also, there are awesome factors that you can perform from this as well.”

Radhika Apte

“It reveals solidarity. But we have to think about further methods about how to resolve the issue”. Konkana informed journalists on the sidelines of the MAMI occasion here in Mumbai last evening.

Radhika, who was also existing at the occasion, reinforced it. Saying, “I have not done it (written on public networking about #MeToo) but I learn about it. I do assistance it. It is not distressing; it is excellent that females are appearing.”

Even Kangana Ranaut too prolonged her assistance to #MeToo strategy on sex-related pestering.

Radhika Apte

Aamir Khan shall present Secret Superstar after Taare Zameen Par

"<yoastmarkAamir Khan Productions, a latest movie named Secret Superstar is now all set to face its theatrical release and the movie is said to be screened by the banner themselves, after they released the movie Taare Zameen Par, ten years back.

The movie Taare Zameen Par deals about a misunderstood dyslexic kid who is really fresh in his own mind.

During the year 2007, the most innocent young boy named Ishaan carved his own place in our hearts. The movie Taare Zameen Par deals about a misunderstood dyslexic kid who is really fresh in his own mind. This type of unusual concept was backed up with a great script that made the audience applause for every other scene that came in the movie.


Aamir Khan shall present Secret Superstar after Taare Zameen Par

Exactly after ten years, in this year 2017, Aamir Khan production company is now all set to present their next movie Secret Superstar to the audiences.

While the movie Taare Zameen Par made us teary eyed all through the movie. With an outstanding performance was done by Ishaan. The latest movie Secret Superstar shall be striking up the chors with the public as it has the story. Also, it deals with a young girl who chases her own dreams.


Both these films are known for focusing upon the problems that are faced by the younger generation in our country. Taare Zameen Par has really touched the most unusual topic about dyslexia and the new movie Secret Superstar. It shall talk about a young girl who aspires to become a singer in her mind. Also, struggles to become one due to her back home circumstances.


The lead protagonist role in the movie Secret Superstar, has been performed by Zaira Wasim. Also, she plays the aspiring singer named Insia in the movie. This young girl shall be facing the most resistance coming from her father. After which she decides to follow upon her own dreams by posting various singing videos. Furthermore, some videos of her on every other social media.