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We provide filmy gossip news, because we want you to be able to have a voice, even if you cannot express yourself in the way that you want or need to. Too often you are stuck in a rut, and there is no way to express yourself except to gossip! People who are stuck in gossip are often uncomfortable around others and cannot seem to get out of their own way.

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Well, we provide Bollywood gossip masala. Our mission is to bring the most current gossip from the gossip columns and gossip blogs across the globe into one place. No matter which movie star, singer, political figure or actor has caught your eye, our aim is to let you know as much as possible about their lives.

Today, there are several news and best entertainment sites that provide celebrity filmy gossip news, including the ones we operate in this category. However, we think that they all fail in one way or another. One of the reasons why we think they all fail is that they fail to cater to a wider audience. They either forget to include Asian and Jewish people, fail to publish in time or simply publish old news which is already old by the time it reaches a celebrity.

Therefore, if you wish to know what is happening with your favourite celebrities, no other news website will be more convenient than ours. We update our database every day so that you can get the latest Bollywood gossip and Bollywood hot movies from the best sources possible.