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Bianca excited to be Canadian Athlete of the Year Andreescu

US Open champion Bianca Andreescu has become the first tennis player to be awarded the prestigious Canadian Athlete of the Year award. Expressing happiness at the award, Bianca said, ‘I am very happy to receive this award. It is hard for me to believe that I am the first tennis player to win this award. The success that I have achieved without the support of the people of Canada would not have been possible.

It is hard for me to believe that I am the first tennis player to win this award.

Bianca excited to be Canadian Athlete of the Year
Bianca excited to be Canadian Athlete of the Year

‘Canada’s top athletes are awarded this country’s highest award every year and 19-year-old Bianca for her successful performance in 2019 This time has been awarded. He won his first WTA title at the Pariba Open this year and won the Rogers Cup title for the second time in Toronto. Bianca is the first Canadian player to win the US Open. She defeated 23-time champion Serena Williams in the final.

Gauri Khan parting with Daughter Suhana Khan – Bollywood Latest News

Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan shared some sunning and lovely photos of her daughter Suhana Khan. She wrote the post saying “Partying and enjoying the final year of Ardingly”. Shah Rukh Khan’s and Gauri Khan little daughter turns 18, and her latest photos are uploaded on Instagram in which she is looking beautiful. In the photos of the party, it is seen that Suhana has worn the shimmery silver dress and a pair of silver high heels in which she is looking stunning. Gauri was wearing the greenish jacket and denim jeans completing her look with the pair of white shoes are looking beautiful. Gauri also shared few more photos on Instagram stories.

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Suhana khan gauri khan parting latest bollywood news

Another day shah rukh khan also shared a photo of Gauri and Suhana and posted that” life doesn’t come manually it comes with mother” and then this picture of ladies prove it right. Later Gauri shared more photos of Suhana Khan. Gauri and her close friends were seen in London enjoying with her daughter Suhana. Gauri then shared a post “the British charm”. Earlier we have also seen Suhana photo with Shweta Bachchan Nanda. Gauri wrote a “pure visual delight thanks Queenie”.

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On the evening of Suhana Khan’s birthday, Gauri Khan shared an image of her Suhana khan on Instagram. She also posted that “Gearing up for birthday bash”. Shah Rukh Khan too shared a photo and wrote:” like all daughter you can also fly high and do what you want since the age of 16, love you”. He means that now Suhana has become 18 now she has the right to take her own decision. But as you know children become how much big they will remain small for their parents. We wish Suhana best life ahead as his father.

Asghar Afghan again became captain of Afghanistan

Asghar Afghan has once again become the captain of the Afghanistan cricket team. The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) has named Asghar as the captain of its team for all three formats of cricket. At the same time, before the ODI World Cup played in England, Rehmat Shah was made Test captain, Gulbadin Naib one-dayer and Rashid Khan captain of T20. It also angered Asghar’s fans.

Asghar Afghan has once again become the captain of the Afghanistan cricket team. 

Asghar again became captain of Afghanistan
Asghar again became captain of Afghanistan

Under the leadership of NAB, Afghanistan could not win even 1 match in the World Cup. Rashid Khan was then given the captaincy in all three formats. The team was not successful even during Rashid and had to face defeat in the three-match series against the West Indies. After that, the ACB once again changed its decision and handed over the captaincy to Asghar.

Pakistan cricketer Jamshed will be prosecuted in Britain

Former Pakistan cricketer Nasir Jamshed will be tried in a UK court on Tuesday for alleged spot-fixing in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and taking bribe in exchange for it. 36-year-old Yusuf Anwar and 34-year-old Mohammad Ijaz admitted that they had offered fixing to professional cricketers in exchange for bribes. This trial process will take place in Manchester. Both the accused have been convicted in the case of offering bribe to players in exchange for fixing in PSL between November 2016 and February 2017.

This trial process will take place in Manchester.

Pak cricketer Jamshed will be prosecuted in Britain
Pak cricketer Jamshed will be prosecuted in Britain

Anwar and Ijaz have also admitted allegations of offering bribes in exchange for fixing players in the Bangladesh Premier League during November 2016 and December 2016. Jamshed, a 33-year-old opener, however denied the allegations of fixing and bribe in the PSL. The case will be heard at Manchester Crown Court. Anwar, a UK resident, is a resident of Slah in West London while Ijaz hails from Sheffield, a northern area in London. Both are currently released on bail. Jamshed has played in the Test, ODI and Twenty20 international formats for Pakistan.