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Mukkabaaz opens up to an ovation at the MAMI Festival: Anurag Kashyap

Anurag KashyapAnurag Kashyap has recently kicked off the nineteenth edition of the MAMI Festival and he has opened it up with a resounding chant that says ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, amidst the applause of a greater audience. Mukkabaaz is said to be chronicling the story that revolves around a boxer coming from Uttar Pradesh, named Shravan Singh, and it has been enacted by the actor named Vineet Kumar Singh, who is said to be falling in love with a girl, who is a Brahmin by birth.

Mukkabaaz opens up to a standing ovation at the MAMI Festival

The things get to meet a U-turn when the hero lands upon a punch on the boxing federation head and with the politician gangster named Bhagwan Das. The gangster head role is done by the veteran actor named Jimmy Shergill. The movie has its own set of a journey that goes behind the underdog, who is said to be fighting upon the corrupted system. With the deep-rooted casteism to pursue the boxing dream that he has in mind. Also, to win over the love that has changed his life.


Before attending the premiere that is happening at the Liberty Cinema. Anurag Kashyap said to the press that he was really nervous. He even thanked the producer of the movie Mr Aaanand L Rai. He made a note that he has been dying to let the audience witness the movie. Also, wanted to watch how they react to this epic film. He thanked a lot by quoting the Eros and Mr Aanand Rai. This continuous thanking comes from Anurag, as he feels that he was given with a complete freedom to shoot out. Also, he really wanted to do at first place. No kind of interpretation was given to him during the days of shooting the movie at MAMI Festival.

Vineet Kumar Singh

Ranbir Kapoor gives a shocking opinion after the comments by Salman Khan on Sanju

The upcoming year is all about biopics and first biopic of this year is “Sanju” biopic of Sanjay Dutt. People who viewed the teaser of Sanju have said and applauded the Ranbir kapoor and his best performance in the Sanjay Dutt’s biopic. This is his best performance till now. On one hand, the applauding for the actor for doing the good job is not getting stopped and the people do not leave a single moment to disgrace anyone. This time we are talking about Sultan of the Bollywood, Salman Khan.

Salman Khan dancing Race 3 Latest Bollywood Film

Ranbir Kapoor gets a shocking opinion by Salman Khan

While the promotions of the Race 3, the actor made a big statement, “Sanjay Dutt should act the last 7-8 years of the past experience of his life and he said that no one can do it better than Sanjay Dutt”. Shocked? We are too. But Ranbir Kapoor did not say anything against the big statement from the Salman Khan and keeps mum for some time and finally speaks about it in the recent even. The actor said, “ from last several years, a actor never played a role in their own biopic and actually, they should not because it completely destroys the feel of that character.

Three big stars come together to act on a whooping budget for his movie: announces Karan Johar

The actor say that I knew that I will be compared with Sanjay Dutt and i am preparing for it and I am doing my best to put it in my character and will try my 100% to give justice to the character of Sanjay Dutt. Whether I am playing the character of 20 years of age and whether I am doing the character of 40 years of age, my main aim was the viewers feel that they are watching a character who is playing the role of Sanjay Dutt. He admits that it is not possible to completely match Sanjay Dutt because there can not be second Sanjay Dutt.

Race 3 team on Dus Ka Dum – Salman Khan News Today

Only a few days are left for the release of the blockbuster film Race 3, the star cast tries to keep the interest alive in their audience for the film. On Tuesday, Anil Kapoor with Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah and Saqib Saleem together went on Dus Ka Dum the game show hosted by Salman Khan news today. During 90 minutes long episode, Salman Khan News Today was seen having a nice time with his Race 3 actors.

Race 3 team on Dus Ka Dum – Salman Khan News Today

Where Jacqueline Fernandez imagine her after Five Years – Bollywood Latest News

Salman Khan

Paanch ka punch was played by the team plays. Anil and Salman together hosted the show Dus Ka Dum. They promised to donate the winning price to Plan India. The questions were asked and at one moment Salman discloses how he had to stop his car near a gutter to ally himself. In a question about the craze of the selfie on social media. Salman Khan disclosed that everyone was busy shooting him and others stars instead of dancing at Salman Khan News Today.

SRK and Salman had danced a lot on the dance floor with Ranveer Singh, Anil Kapoor, and Varun Dhawan. Jacqueline and Daisy were in one group and Bobby Deol and Saqib Saleem were in another group. They tried to cheat a little but Salman caught them. And so they played fair and well and won the game. This episode will be telecasted on TV yesterday on Sony Television at 8:30 pm.

The police have decided to increase the security of Salman Khan after a Threat

Salman asked an emotional and interesting questioning during the show, “How many % of people call their mothers at least once a day?” After that Anil Kapoor apologized his mother in front of the whole audience. He confessed that due to his busy and tight schedule he is not able to call once a day. Salman also told the audience that how he likes spending more time with his mother and she is very much special to him. He even promised to improve himself in this matter in near future. Previously, Jacqueline and Salman were seen promoting Race 3 on another TV show, Dus Ka Dum and Dance Deewane.

TI rapper Clifford gets daughter’s virginity check done every year

Famous Hollywood rapper Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. popularly known as T.I. He is facing severe criticism on social media. Singer had told during a chat show that his daughter is 18 years old and he takes her hymen every year to the gynecologist to get her checked, so that she can know whether the daughter is a virgin or not. It was told that T.I was talking about parenting and during this time he told that he had talked about the topic of sex with his daughter, so that he could know about the subject. He further said that every year he takes daughter Dejah Harris to the gynecologist and gets her hymen checked. Even when she was 16 years old, she took her to the doctor on her birthday. Not only this, Singer also revealed that his daughter has also signed a document stating that it would be necessary to share Dejah’s medical reports and condition with him.

Famous Hollywood rapper Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. popularly known as T.I. He is facing severe criticism on social media.

TI rapper Clifford gets daughter's virginity check done every year
TI rapper Clifford gets daughter’s virginity check done every year

Apart from this, TI further said that he was told that there could be a break from physical activities other than hymen penetration, but his daughter does not do any such activity. However, people expressed their displeasure on the social media about what TI said. He said that it is not a matter of pride in any way. Users criticized Singer saying that every year as a father, he should celebrate his daughter’s birthday, while TI takes him for a hymen check. Some people also said that the message that Singers are doing is that the girls do not own their bodies and they do not have rights over them. At the same time, a user also wrote that no woman has personal property of anyone, whether she is a wife or a daughter.

My good relations with Dhoni and Virat: MSK Prasad

National Select Committee chief selector MSK Prasad has said that he has good association with former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and captain Virat Kohli. Prasad said that both of them respect him very much. Prasad said, ‘During my tenure, I had consulted with the legendary players which helped me. My relations with Dhoni and Kohli are good. The former wicket-keeper batsman further said, ‘People can write anything but when I talk to them, I know how much I am honored.

On the other hand, BCCI is a much better union, there are more mature people here.

My good relations with Dhoni and Virat: Prasad
My good relations with Dhoni and Virat: Prasad

‘Prasad said, “I have been a student of management and I have faced many big issues in Andhra Cricket Association before this.” He said, ‘We have taken the Andhra Union forward by lifting it from the ground when people did not want to work there. Former Board President Anurag Thakur had called it Adarsh ​​Cricket Association when he came to Andhra in 2015. On the other hand, BCCI is a much better union, there are more mature people here. I don’t think I’ve spent a hard time here because I’ve gone through a more stressful job in Andhra. ‘

Asghar Afghan again became captain of Afghanistan

Asghar Afghan has once again become the captain of the Afghanistan cricket team. The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) has named Asghar as the captain of its team for all three formats of cricket. At the same time, before the ODI World Cup played in England, Rehmat Shah was made Test captain, Gulbadin Naib one-dayer and Rashid Khan captain of T20. It also angered Asghar’s fans.

Asghar Afghan has once again become the captain of the Afghanistan cricket team. 

Asghar again became captain of Afghanistan
Asghar again became captain of Afghanistan

Under the leadership of NAB, Afghanistan could not win even 1 match in the World Cup. Rashid Khan was then given the captaincy in all three formats. The team was not successful even during Rashid and had to face defeat in the three-match series against the West Indies. After that, the ACB once again changed its decision and handed over the captaincy to Asghar.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni must have spoken to selectors: Ganguly

BCCI President Saurabh Ganguly said that Mahendra Singh Dhoni must have talked to captain Virat Kohli and the selectors about their future plans. Dhoni has been away from international cricket since India’s exit from the semi-finals in the One-Day World Cup, leading to speculation about his future. Ganguly said, “He (Dhoni) has spoken to the captain and I am sure he must have spoken to the selectors as well. I don’t think this is any forum to talk about it. He praised the 2011 World Cup winning former captain and said that it is difficult to find a player like Dhoni. He said, ‘It will be Dhoni’s decision what he wants to do. I have not spoken to him but he is the champion of Indian cricket.

BCCI President Ganguly said that Dhoni must have talked to captain Virat Kohli and the selectors about their future plans.

Dhoni must have spoken to selectors: Ganguly
Dhoni must have spoken to selectors: Ganguly

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan waves for his fans on his 46th birthday

On Friday, 10 January 2020 Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan waves for his fans on his 46th birthday at his residence in Mumbai.


Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan waves for his fans on his 46th birthday
Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan waves for his fans on his 46th birthday
Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan waves for his fans on his 46th birthday
Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan waves for his fans on his 46th birthday
Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan waves for his fans on his 46th birthday
Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan waves for his fans on his 46th birthday
Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan waves for his fans on his 46th birthday
Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan waves for his fans on his 46th birthday

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Anjali Patil opens up the press claims many called her a dark skinned girl

Anjali Patil Bollywood was not a quite easy job for Anjali Patil. After her latest interview that has been going around talking about the hurdles, she faced before. After joining the Bollywood film industry. The industry even took its own time to find out such an extraordinary talent. It was just unleashed recently after the release of the movie ‘Newton’. She is a national award winner for her performance. Faced her own share in terms of racism when it comes to Bollywood for a dark skinned girl. This blog is particularly about the racism for Anjali Patil.

The Newton actress Anjali Patil opens up to the press- dark skinned girl

She was even ready to consummate with the craft herself. She did have the potential to pass through the competition and score well on the screen. It was the directors and producers, who initially made comments on her as a dark-skinned girl. They even judged that she would end up doing slum dweller roles on screen. Anjali shut everyone’s mouth after her spending performance in the movie ‘Newton’. Starting from being stereotyped, asked to work upon her physical appearance. Anjali goes through every other battle that any dark skinned girl would face while entering the film industry.

Anjali Patil

Every other girl who is trying to make big in the film industry must watch her latest interview. There she opens up a lot about her initial struggle and how she single-handedly overcomes everything in her life. It was Bollywood’s obsession towards the fair and lovely girls. That made the producers and directors judge her by her appearance, as well as by her performance.

Anjali made a remarkable acting debut in the Hindi English movie named Delhi in a Day. Also, her latest movie as an actress in ‘Newton’, is selecting as the official entry to Oscars from India.


Varun Dhawan very much active for #SaveThebeach Initiative for Juhu beach

Varun Dhawan has always been among the socially and environmentally active celebrity. Whether he is advising people about the smog conditions in Delhi or the death of the last male northern white rhino, his social media accounts are always full of environmentally conscious issues. He took a step forward in making a different initiative to the environment by joining hands with the volunteer group ForWard 69 for Juhu beach.

Varun Dhawan

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Varun Dhawan very much active for #SaveThebeach Initiative for JUHU Beach

He introduced the bottle crushing machine to the public at Juhu beach, he also shared his views with them about how everyone should try and keep the beach and city clean. Tania Dias, one of the members of the group ForWard 69, who contacted the actor for the initiative. He was very much ready to do his part for the beautification and cleaning of the beach. The organizers of the initiative did not expect this kind of amazing response to an event that is not publically promoting. Varun lives close to the beach and took up the initiative because he wants people to stop polluting the beaches. He recommended everyone present at the beach to stop throwing wastes on the beach. He even told them that if they keep the beach clean, he will regularly come there whenever he gets time.

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Versova beach is an example of how beaches should be neat and clean. Also, how they can be cleaned if people put their mind to it. He said that he wants his newborn niece to play on Juhu beach, as he used to, as kids. He reminds the people to present there that everyone would pick up if they have waste in their house. Hence, the same should be done for the beach because it is also a part of our surroundings. Varun was very much happy to do his initiative for the environment. He regularly approaches by the group members for the #SaveTheBeach initiative. He also regularly shared his experience at the site on his Instagram handle. Varun is currently busy shooting for his upcoming film Kalank. The movie has many popular star casts which include Madhuri Dixit-Nene, Sanjay Dutt, Aditya Roy Kapur and Kriti Sanon.