Aamir Khan shall present Secret Superstar after Taare Zameen Par

"<yoastmarkAamir Khan Productions, a latest movie named Secret Superstar is now all set to face its theatrical release and the movie is said to be screened by the banner themselves, after they released the movie Taare Zameen Par, ten years back.

The movie Taare Zameen Par deals about a misunderstood dyslexic kid who is really fresh in his own mind.

During the year 2007, the most innocent young boy named Ishaan carved his own place in our hearts. The movie Taare Zameen Par deals about a misunderstood dyslexic kid who is really fresh in his own mind. This type of unusual concept was backed up with a great script that made the audience applause for every other scene that came in the movie.


Aamir Khan shall present Secret Superstar after Taare Zameen Par

Exactly after ten years, in this year 2017, Aamir Khan production company is now all set to present their next movie Secret Superstar to the audiences.

While the movie Taare Zameen Par made us teary eyed all through the movie. With an outstanding performance was done by Ishaan. The latest movie Secret Superstar shall be striking up the chors with the public as it has the story. Also, it deals with a young girl who chases her own dreams.


Both these films are known for focusing upon the problems that are faced by the younger generation in our country. Taare Zameen Par has really touched the most unusual topic about dyslexia and the new movie Secret Superstar. It shall talk about a young girl who aspires to become a singer in her mind. Also, struggles to become one due to her back home circumstances.


The lead protagonist role in the movie Secret Superstar, has been performed by Zaira Wasim. Also, she plays the aspiring singer named Insia in the movie. This young girl shall be facing the most resistance coming from her father. After which she decides to follow upon her own dreams by posting various singing videos. Furthermore, some videos of her on every other social media.

King Khan kind gesture wins the nation’s heart- Bank of Bollywood

We are familiar with what a kind of heart our very own King Khan- Shah Rukh Khan has. Well, this has come to a proven point with the recent gesture that he did in return to a cancer patient who asked for his help. A cancer patient named Aruna expressed her desire to meet her idol, Mr Shah Rukh Khan, on a fan club page of King Khan. She happens to be a cancer patient who is a die-hard fan of the actor. Hence, expressed her long-term desire to meet him. King Khan kind gesture wins the nation’s heart.

King Khan’s kind gesture wins the nation’s heart

What King Khan did in return was the sweetest of the gestures. He sent a video to the patient, promising that he’ll meet her soon. King Khan also happened to get in touch with the patient’s family members, extracting details of her where-about.

He further said in the video message to Aruna that “I’m made to comprehend through your son Akshat and little daughter Priyanka that you are battling with a disease. I want to say this than me, my whole close relatives. All our buddies whoever knows about you, we are wishing for your health and fitness”. According to Aruna’s official weblog, she was diagnosed with third level ovarian Cancer in Feb 2011.

“You are a very powerful woman Aruna, I know your passion, your willpower. Your pleasure that you have distributed with your close ones. I can tell that you have the durability to combat this sickness and with our wishes and your durability you will get well very soon” he also added. After this, his message seemed to have gone viral and has won the hearts of his already die-hard fans. Everyone is praising for the man who is such a big celebrity. Yet, is so down to earth to come down to help a fan who is battling Ovarian cancer.

Vidya Balan is now set to seduce the audience with her sensuous voice

Vidya Balan

If there is an actress who can not only be recognized for acting skills, yet, has more skills, then it will be only one named Vidya Balan. She is the most talented actress the Bollywood film industry has ever got with. Although she hasn’t made big success with her recent released in the industry. Every other movies that she acts with comes out with a great hype. As people know how great actor potential she has got in her. Her recent releases like Kahaani 2, Teen, Begum Jaan didn’t go much around the blockbuster list. Yet, she gained her name by showcasing her acting skills in these movies. Her next upcoming movie named Tumhari Sulu is going to change her name not only as an actress, but also as a singer.

Vidya Balan is now set to seduce the audience

vidya balan

The movie Tumhari Sulu will be a light hearted drama that deals about the life story of a home maker named Sulu, who boosts a lot about winning many gift prizes on the radio contests. Her life completely changes when she comes across a new job opening advertisement that states any one can become a Radio Jockey.

Neha Dupia, plays the owner of the radio station. She does hires Vidya Balan for her station and even makes her speak for her brands and other advertisements. Also, related to the radio station. Sulu therefore becomes the best RJ within the town and her. Seductive late night voice shows makes many people glue to their radios. The star arrives with her reaching many people through her show at the radio station every other day.

But, as time moves on she faces other challenges in her life. Also, the way she handles everything will be the movie said the Director.

Vidya balan

Priyanka Chopra Wants To Step In Politics – About The Political Ambitions

Actress Priyanka Chopra, who travels from Bollywood to Hollywood, wants to step in politics too. In a recent interview, Priyanka also spoke about her political ambitions. Talking about this, he said that he wants to become the Prime Minister of India some day. Going further, Priyanka said that she wants her husband Nick to contest the election of President of the United States. However, Priyanka also made it clear that Nick is not interested in politics. Meanwhile, talk about the professional front, Priyanka Chopra will now be seen in Sonali Bose’s film “The Sky Is Pink” with Farhan Akhtar and Zaara Waseem. Apart from this, he has also lived in some of his Hollywood projects. It is known that since Priyanka Chopra has married Nick Jonas, there is no such day since she does not remain in the discussion. Priyanka also shares her photographs constantly on social media, who prefer fans very much

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A patriotic Gold film of Akshay Kumar – bollywood news today

Gold actor Akshay Kumar in his upcoming film is playing a role of patriot and hockey player. The director of the film Reema Kagti, she is the maker of the film has shared a poster of Akshay. In which he is having passion in his eyes and national flag close to his heart and it is also seen that Akshay is convincing by the poster. Gold is fictionalized of India’s historic Olympic 1948 it is the story of a man who dreamt of winning a gold medal in Olympic for India. The Bollywood news today also explains this. 

The gold film of Akshay Kumar – Bollywood news today

Does Biopic of Rakesh Sharma cut the Heroine’s role? – Bollywood Latest News

Akshay Kumar Gold Film Latest Patriotic social film bollywood news

Akshay also posted the photo on Twitter and said, “Country is made when all have an equal dream in their eyes”. Producer of the film Farhan Akhtar also shared the photo on Twitter and said “all victories begin with the dream. It feels me lots of joy to present to you the official poster of the film as this film is very close to my heart”.The gold film will be releasing on the 70th anniversary of freedom of India. As on 12th August 1948, India won its first gold medal in Olympics. So the film will be released on 15th of August, 2018.

Sunny Leone’s Special appearance in the Kriti and Diljit starrer movie – Bollywood Latest News

This film is shot across the UK, and it is also the Bollywood debut of the Tv screen mount Roy. Apart from Akshay Kumar and Mouni Roy, Amit Sadh is also playing the main role in the film. Producer Ritesh Sidhwani has earlier said that this film is not based on the biopic of anyone. It is the only fictional story that what India was from 1933 to 1948 in terms of sports like hockey. And it is not based on a particular character like Akshay. Even Akshay Kumar is not playing hockey in the film he would be seen as the manager of the game.

Lafange Nawaab Is All Set To release on 15th Nov 2019

Sanoj Mishra directed murder mystery film Lafange Nawaab music has been a big hit and loved by the audience. Now the film is all set to release this Friday on 15th November, 2019.

The leads of the film are Robin Sohi, Ritam Bhardwaj, Larissa Chakz & the film is directed by Sanoj Mishra & produced by Arpit Awasthi and Mahi Anand under the banner of Gulshan Anand Films.

Lafange Nawaab is a murder mystery which depicts the father-son’s relationship and the truth of fake friendship. The story revolves around Yug and his father. Yug has a musical band with his 4-5 friends and they do small gigs which his father never liked and wanted his son to join him in his business. To teach Yug a lesson, his father plans a fake murder of Ammie who lives at their house and impose Yug to help. In the process of faking the murder, Ammie got killed in real. Who has murdered Ammie? The story is a mystery which will be revealed only after the film release.

The singer Shahid Malya made the event delightful with their presence. The music of the movie is released by Zee music company.

The story revolves around Yug and his father.

Poster Lafange Nawab 1
Poster Lafange Nawab 1

Producer of the film Mahi Anand said, “Lafange Nawaab, is complete dose of Bollywood style suspense, thrill and mystery. We have three amazing songs which are composed by Ali Faishal .danish ali and song by Palak Muchhal, Ali Faishal,danish ali . Shahid Maliya, Shivang Mathur and Altmash Faridi.”puspendra singh .deepak sharma.

Director of the Lafange Nawaab film Sanoj Mishra said, “Film is a suspense thriller and the murder mystery is very captivating and interesting. Music of the film is our biggest strength. Film has been made with lots of passion and hard work. I am sure people are going to love it”

Lafange Nawaab is a suspense drama film shot at beautiful locations of Lucknow and Mumbai. Robin Sohi, Ritam Bhardwaj Larisa Chakza, Ratan Ratour, Manoj Bakshi and Ravi sudha chaudhary .purnima Nisha Shrivastav will be seen in the lead roles in the film. The movie is all set to hit cinema on 15th November, 2019.

Lafange Nawab
Lafange Nawab

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Actor Arishfa Khan and Adnaan Shaikh launched their Diamond Ring song

Child actor Arishfa Khan, who worked as a child actor in TV shows like Veera, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Jennie Aur Juju and Baal Veer to name a few has grown up into a beautiful teenager. She was particularly loved for her innocent face and acting talent . She has launched her new music video Diamond Ring with TikTok star Adnaan Shaikh at Amesthhyyst Lounge. The video is produced by Manoj Lakhani of White Billionare Records . The single song is sung by Ajay and Actress Pakhi Hegde .

The video is produced by Manoj Lakhani of White Billionare Records.

adnaan shaikh & arishfa khan

Pakhi Hegde who is also featuring in this video debuts as a singer with this video. The song is written and composed by Ajay – Sandeep which is directed by Akshay K Agarwal. Akshay Kaledy is the project designer of this music video . Manoj Lakhani is also planning to give chance to new singers and composers in his music label. He is also planning to make a new single Wedding Ring which will be launched very soon . Adnaan Shaikh is also making his debut in this video . Faisu, Hasnain, Shaam of Team 07 group, Ajaz Khan, Kressy Singh , Bhavin Bhanushali and others came to attend the event . The launch party went till vee hours.

akshay kaledy,akshay agarwal,arishfa khan,pakhi hegde,ajay,manoj lakhani,sanjeev & adnaan shaikh
akshay kaledy,akshay agarwal,arishfa khan,pakhi hegde,ajay,manoj lakhani,sanjeev & adnaan shaikh
manoj lakhani,akshay kaledy,akshay agarwal,ajay,adnaan shaikh,arishfa khan,pakhi hegde & ajaz khan
manoj lakhani,akshay kaledy,akshay agarwal,ajay,adnaan shaikh,arishfa khan,pakhi hegde & ajaz khan
pakhi hegde,adnaan shaikh & ajay
pakhi hegde,adnaan shaikh & ajay
pakhi hegde,arishfa khan & adnaan shaikh
pakhi hegde,arishfa khan & adnaan shaikh
sanjeev,akshay agarwal,pakhi hegde,adnaan shaikh,ajay,kashi & manoj lakhani
sanjeev,akshay agarwal,pakhi hegde,adnaan shaikh,ajay,kashi & manoj lakhani


Salman’s Tiger Zinda Hai wont have a teaser- Bank of Bollywood

Salman KhanAll the eyes are now on the upcoming movie named Salman’s Tiger Zinda Hai that has Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif at the lead roles and filmmakers have a new kind of film marketing technology that can be done starting from this movie. While other Bollywood movies are only releasing a teaser for their movie, the Tiger Zinda Hai team shall not be releasing any kind of teasers, yet they shall showcase a motion picture that shall completely blow out the mind of the audience.

The Tiger Zinda Hai is one of the most expected movie that has the duo Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.

From a reliable source, it has been confirmed that the motion poster for the movie shall be released on the occasion of Diwali , or the very next day after the great festival in India. The Tiger Zinda Hai is one of the most expected movie that has the duo Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. The movie is said to be shooting in various parts of Abu Dhabi, Morocco and in India. The film is a sequel to the movie Ek Tha Tiger that releases way back in 2012. Also, it had the same cast in them.

Ek Tha Tiger

A spokesperson from the Yash Raj production confirmed that the movie shall never have a teaser to promote them. Yet, there might be a motion poster that can definitely excite the audience with.

The motion poster is expected to release in the upcoming week, which is the Diwali eve in India. After the official release of the motion poster, the trailer shall be unveiled by the first week of November.

The team also has their own way of marketing for the film. Also, they are very sure about not releasing a teaser for the movie.

The director of the movie, Ali Abbas Zafar has been recently tweeting a lot about the movie. Furthermore, it has definitely made the fans wait for the motion poster.

Salman Khan

Will Kartik Aryan will be the next choice for Karan Johar? Here is the answer – Bollywood news

Kartik Aryan is known as the good growing talent of Bollywood and he proved it with his last movie, Sonuketittukisweety. There is a lot more to say from the PR machinery of the actor Kartik Aryan and now they say that the Karan Johar is signing the Kartik Aryan for his upcoming project. But the sources from the Dharma productions dismiss this rumour and says that this is premature.

Will Kartik Aryan will be the next choice for Karan Johar?

The thing which is making this rumour worse is that the actor Kartik Aryan will be paired with the Kareena Kapoor Khan. Shocking? We all are in a shock too. A source from the dharma productions said that yes, KartikAryan was approached for something but was merely considered by Karan Johar. We do not know that from where these rumours are getting originated and is the Karan Johar silly that he would case the actor Kartik Aryan in opposite to Bebo, Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Three big stars come together to act on a whopping budget for his movie: announces

Apparently these rumours are getting birth after the actress Kareena Kapoor khan paired with KartikAryan. To walk the ramp by a leading fashion designer. Most of the social media commentators commented that how fabulous the pair was looking while walking the ramp.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan demands about ten crores as her salary for her next film

According to sources, ”Karan Johar is not thinking to cast Kartik Aryan well as absolutely, not with the Karan Johar”. So the one who can tell that what is going to happen is time. With time, everyone will get the details about it. If yes, then the viewers will see a new pair in the Bollywood. Let us tell you that the Kartik Aryan has given a blockbuster movie in the past few months back. KareenaKapoorr khan has done her first movie post pregnancy, veerey di wedding.

The reason why you should watch Race 3 – Salman Khan Hindi News

Race 3 is releasing in theatres on Friday. In this Salman Khan has replaced Saif Ali Khan in the film lots of is expected from Remo Dsouza directorial. This movie has also started like Jacqueline Fernandez, Bobby Deol, Anil Kapoor, daisy shah, Saqib Saleem. There are many reasons to watch Race 3 they are with Salman Khan Hindi News.

Salaman Khan on Rape

The reason why you should watch Race 3

  1. Salman Khan

Unlike last two films, now it has Salman Khan in it which has masses of fans in India, Salman Khan has been winning hearts from last so many years till the day he has become a hero. In the trailer, we have seen that he is the’Sikander’ of the film. And during an interview, Remo Dsouza also said that he has given special attention to Salman khan entry in the film. You should probably watch Race 3.

Kareena Kapoor Khan will choose Taimur first Before the Movies – Salman Khan Hindi News

  1. Ensemble cast

It not only has Salman in it but also Anil Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Bobby Deol, daisy shah, and Saqib Saleem. It will be interesting to see Bobby deal return back after a long time and also anil Kapoor he is there in all race sequence he is the boss man in the film. His grey beards and shooting has set grounds for him.

  1. Action sequence

The action in this film is directed By tom Struthers, he has done many actions behind Hollywood films like the dark night, Dunkirk and Bollywood movie like tiger Zinda Hai. And it has an action of actresses also.

Parmanu- A Thrilling Journey of Patriotism – Salman Khan Hindi News

  1. Remo Dsouza

Race last to parts was directed by Abbas –Mustan who made a very good film. But now it is directed by Remo Dsouza it would be interesting to watch how he has directed the film. As his ABCD and ABCD-2 were good films.

  1. Race franchise

Last two race movie had fallen to gather lots of masses. They were having all type of masala like action, song and dance, a love triangle and full of drama. But if you want full entertainment then to watch Race 3 is a good choice.