Salman Khan has invited these two guests to the Bigg Boss 11 show

Salman KhanBy next week, the Bigg Boss 11 show shall be aired on television and it will definitely have lots of face-offs and melodramas when compared to the previous Bigg Boss shows. The face-offs happen a lot within the house, and it is because of the housemates who tend to choose the captaincy and luxury items to live within the house. The Bigg Boss 11 show will have a different set and the contestants who tend to live inside the house without having any kind of contact with the public, media, relatives, friends and with others, they shall end up into any kind of forced rage between them. The host Bhai Salman Khan has been carrying over the show at ease and he is one who has the capacity to handle such housemates anytime.

Salman Khan has invited these two guests to the Bigg Boss 11 show

Rithvik Dhanjani

The makers of season of Bigg Boss 11 show have lots and lots of surprises for the viewers. It’s no wonder that the audience gets glued to the show every other day. They are going to bring in some of the most celebrated people as contestants inside the Bigg Boss house. Two of them are most special guests and you will definitely be surprised to hear their names out.

It’s none other than RithvikDhanjani and Gaurav Gera, who shall be entering the house with other housemates. These two are very well known for the controversies they create at ease. With such high tension getting inside the BiggBoss house. The season 11 will definitely have some rift between the housemates and audience.

Hina Khan

At present both, Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta are made safe by the audience. They have been voted to stay back at the Bigg Boss house. Also, the new entry of these two guests shall happen in this week.

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