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This is an unexpected kind of story starts with a coughing man lying on bad. Till now you can never guess why the title has been named as Bad Luck to laugh. The story is well known for its unexpected end that you can’t even guess. The name Bad Luck in India seems maybe it is the bad faith of that man that is coughing like dying any second or maybe the bad luck of family in India this funny videos.

The casting of this Short Film is Kunal mehta, Shree Rajput, Ashok, Barkha.

Demonetization In India

Two characters that were seen near the ill man, was his wife Shakuntala and his daughter that has not been named in the comic story. Once in the kitchen, the mother and the daughter had a conversation. Shakuntala asked his daughter that why his Son in law had not visited her father. You can share this on WhatsApp funny videos.

The daughter replied that she should not expect so much from the son in law as he is son in law not the real son of her mother. She also told her mother Shakuntala that she is thinking to get separated. As she is not happy with her husband. Caring mother Shakuntala replied that every husband and wife often fight but that doesn’t mean that they should get separated. Also, it has been thirty years since Shakuntala got married to her husband and in every ups and downs of his life; she was staying strong to her man. Meanwhile, between these conversations, Shakuntala son arrive and tell her sister that her husband has called to talk to her.  Indian marriage fails here in this movie.

In the very next shot in Comedy movies, it has been noticed that the son in law came to visit the ill father in law. The ill father in law started talking to his wife and she asked her not to talk as recommended. The ill husband still requests her to let him speak, and it seems like he want to give his last words to the family.

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May be the father want to make his daughter and son in law know the value of getting married.  He started talking that when his parents asked him to leave the home, Shakuntala was always there. Shakuntala was always there, when he got bankrupt in business, Shakuntala was always there when he got ill. Shakuntala was always there, when the illness converted into liver cancer, Shakuntala was always there. In the end, What Husband gives Shocking Reply to Shakuntala will make You Amaze. This is a fail compilation, try not to laugh.

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