Anjali Patil opens up the press claims many called her a dark skinned girl

Anjali Patil Bollywood was not a quite easy job for Anjali Patil. After her latest interview that has been going around talking about the hurdles, she faced before. After joining the Bollywood film industry. The industry even took its own time to find out such an extraordinary talent. It was just unleashed recently after the release of the movie ‘Newton’. She is a national award winner for her performance. Faced her own share in terms of racism when it comes to Bollywood for a dark skinned girl. This blog is particularly about the racism for Anjali Patil.

The Newton actress Anjali Patil opens up to the press- dark skinned girl

She was even ready to consummate with the craft herself. She did have the potential to pass through the competition and score well on the screen. It was the directors and producers, who initially made comments on her as a dark-skinned girl. They even judged that she would end up doing slum dweller roles on screen. Anjali shut everyone’s mouth after her spending performance in the movie ‘Newton’. Starting from being stereotyped, asked to work upon her physical appearance. Anjali goes through every other battle that any dark skinned girl would face while entering the film industry.

Anjali Patil

Every other girl who is trying to make big in the film industry must watch her latest interview. There she opens up a lot about her initial struggle and how she single-handedly overcomes everything in her life. It was Bollywood’s obsession towards the fair and lovely girls. That made the producers and directors judge her by her appearance, as well as by her performance.

Anjali made a remarkable acting debut in the Hindi English movie named Delhi in a Day. Also, her latest movie as an actress in ‘Newton’, is selecting as the official entry to Oscars from India.


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