Kaash Aisa Ho Music Video Heroine Megha Sharma in conversation with Bank of Bollywood

What attracted you to begin a career as a Model and Actress?- Bank of Bollywood I was miss Dehradoon in 2009 so yes that had inspired me a lot to begin my career into acting and modelling field… And since childhood, Megha Sharma passion was into acting only… The very first inspiration when I was 11yrs old was one and only one Madhuri mam when I use to see her dancing and performing well in movies… And after one day all of a sudden have tried for Miss Dehradoon contest which has inspired me more to try my luck here.

Actress are Performing Central Character in the Many Big Budget Films these days. How do see this Change in the Industry       

Well it depends on actor how they perform and what kind of a movie or character they wanna do,  so for me I don’t feel any such changes regarding this… I believe in hard work and one should be always passionate what ever they do…

How different it is to Perform as an Actress comparing to Fashion Model?- Bank of Bollywood

Yes both the sides are different… A model can just pose well and can perform well in ramp shows but an actress have to give her performance best when she is in a character with her expressions too… So yeah ill say to be an actress is little difficult as in comparison of model.

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What are your strong points or say the Special Characteristics, which makes you Different from other upcoming Actress?

Megha Sharma always optimistic whatever phases come in front of me and a hard working lady who believes in self-dedication which makes me special and different from others… I don’t believe in comparing myself with anyone coz everyone has their own speciality in them but I do believe in myself and my karma too which makes me more strong…

Do you think that you have the potential to carry a film on your shoulders?- Bank of Bollywood

Of course if that time will come Megha Sharma wanna definitely prove myself as I think I have that much capability to be in a movie… As an actor I m not looking for a lead only, if ill get a nice character role too will definitely wanna grab that opportunity…

What change do you see after your Music Video is out now and Everyone is appreciating your Work?

Well it’s a great opportunity for me and I am performing as a lead in this album and it’s a big break for me to prove Megha Sharma. I hope people love me like this way and shower their blessings on me and hope to do more and more work like this for my fans and followers whoever loves me…

Have you progressed as you have expected?

Of course, I have done many TV serials as a character one but yes whatever I have expected in life I get that only or you can say beyond the expectations… I have never struggled like other model or actors do…may be its my luck by God of Grace..

Do you think honesty is always the best policy?

I do believe in honesty but sometimes as I have seen people being honest doesn’t get anything… Honesty should be there but not everytime… And in industry I don’t think honesty do work…

Who is your favorite actor and Why?

I like Deepika padukon and she is my inspiration… As she is too talented and she have a grace and that beauty which make her my favorite and even many of her fans… In actor I like Tiger Shroff coz of his looks,  acting and the way he do martial arts

Tell me about what you’re working Plans on now and your Future.

As of now I am trying for TV serials but yes future plans might be I can grab a movie soon which is not sure but yes if my luck n my hard work will be there, soon ill get an opportunity in Bollywood…

Test Case trailer Released: Nimrat Kaur makes a remarkable performance: It shall be a watchable military drama

Nimrat Kaur makes a Remarkable performance in Web Series

ALTBalaji’s latest web series named the Test Case trailer has been released. Nimrat Kaur playing the lead role. The Test Case web series shall be the first of its kind series to portray the life of a woman combat officer. The web series deals with the ways Nimrat struggles to create her own identity in this male-dominated world.

Nimrat Kaur plays the lead role named Captain Shiksha Sharma. she looks completely flawless in the latest trailer. Also, her performance in the trailer lets us get hooked to the screen for two and a half minutes. In her own race to become a commando, the Captain Shiksha Sharma not only has to cross over with physical challenges. She has to change the mindset of the public that women can be superior and even great when compared to the men.Kaur does a great job with this gritty look.

Nimrat Kaur

The first one and a half minute of the trailer is all about Kaur dealing with the regular politics. Other hardships that every other individual face within the combat academy. The twist in the trailer happens in the last minutes. Also, the web series shall be streamed starting from January 26th of 2018 and there are lots to watch out from.

The new trailer that has been released today is an amalgamation of the clips. That were previously released from the other trailer. The Test Case web series also stars Rahul Dev, Atul Kulkarni, Suhail Nayyar, Manit Joura, Samir Soni, and Annup Soni. Juhi Chawla is the only other woman who made an appearance in the trailer for The Test Case.

Test Case


Akshay Kumar says about his working experience in Rajinikanth 2.0

Whatever Superstar Rajinikanth does changes into a style and indeed I loved getting punches from him, said Akshay Kumar in a recent press meet. Akshay collaborated with Rajinikanth for Rajinikanth 2.0, the sequel to The Robot movie. He went into detail and explained his experience upon working with Asia’s highly paid actor Rajinikanth 2.0.

Akshay Kumar says about his working experience in Rajinikanth 2.0

He was once sitting down along with Rajinikanth, and the way Rajini brushed off the dirt from his own pants was even stylish, and whatever he does have a class and style. Moreover, Akshay enjoyed getting punched from him, as he plays the baddie role in the movie. 2.0 shall mark Akshays debut to Kollywood film industry, where Amy Jackson is playing the romantic role.

Akshay Kumar

Its still unclear if Akshay is playing a baddie role in the movie. Working stills of Akshay at the 2.0 sets were leaked and looks like he is playing the role of Dr Richard, the evil one. Even the new poster that has been officially released by the Rajinikanth 2.0 team. They have a caption that says evil has a new face’. This kind of confirms his baddie role and in fact its rumoured that he shall act as a friend of Rajinikanth and later on turn sides to go against him.

While questioned about this villain role in the movie. Akshay Kumar neither accepted or rejected, by saying what’s wrong with him being the antagonist in 2.0. If a hero can persist in the world, why not a villain. Akshay also exclaimed that it was his dream to be a part of this Indias costliest movie. They thanked both Shankar and Rajinikanth for making his dream come true.Rajinikanth’s 2.0

Why not Padmaavat If Bandit Queen had a theatrical release – questions Supreme Court

The movie Padmaavat cannot be completely banned by the states based upon the ground risk, said the Supreme Court today. The Court made this new rule after the movie was said to be banned from screening four different states after a fierce protest was conducted by the Rajput Groups. Dipak Mishra, the Chief Justice of India even questioned that if at all the movie Bandit Queen had a clean theatrical release, then why not the same happen for Padmaavattoo. The Bandit Queen movie was indeed a controversial one that was created based on the life of a dacoit who later on turned into a politician named Phoolan Devi.

Why not Padmaavat or Bandit Queen?

The producers of Padmaavat movie has already let out the all India theatrical release date as January 25th. They are at present challenged by Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat State Governments to ban the movie. The court said recently that the states must maintain peace in anyways.

Bandit Queen

The judges have said their opinion about the movie as. The movie Padmaavat shall be a bomb at the Bollywood box office. People may even don’t want to watch it at first place. The states cannot bring in any kind of public exhibition ban on the movie. This movie might create new clashes and issues within the state.

The producers, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, as well as Bhansali Productions have together referred to a past order. The order that was passed in the Supreme court. That was about a film cannot be banned due to any anticipated law and order issues within the country.

If the states are having the power to ban a movie from its theatrical release. Then they are about to completely destroy the federal structure, said the Padmaavat producers to the press.Padmavat

Marathi film Yetay Na Lagnala at Filmcity Casting Mahesh Manjrekar, Siddharth Jadhav, Saurabh Gokhale, Neetha Shetty & Rani Agarwal shoots

Producer Amol Utekar of Stellaria Studios and director Pradeep Maistry kept the shooting of their Marathi film Yetay Na Lagnala at Filmcity Temple. Mahesh Manjrekar was seen in baba costume. Siddharth Jadhav, Saurabh Gokhale, Neetha Shetty, Sanskruti Balgude and Rani Agarwal were also shooting for the film . Sameer Athalye is the cameraman of the film where as Naresh S Choudhary is the co producer the film. The entire shoot of the film will complete in February. Pradeep Maistry told media that the film is a comedy film with songs

pradeep maistry,rani agarwal & siddharth jadhav

mahesh manjrekar vinod,neethy shetty,amol utekar,rani agarwal & naresh choudharysiddharth jadhav & amol utekar

Salman Khan tastes yet another success in Bollywood Box Office

Tiger Zinda Hai, Salman Khan tastes, and Katrina Kaif starrer has been continuing a box office victory. Since the movie got released last month on Christmas Eve. During the third week of the movie release in Bollywood Box Office. It has been officially reported that the movie has crossed about three hundred crores of a solid collection. Taran Adarsh, the most trusted trade analyst. Took this news over to his official Twitter handle and tweeted the success of Tiger Zinda Hai.


Salman Khan tastes yet another success in Bollywood Box Office

During the first weekend, the Salman Khan tastes about twenty-seven crores of Indian Rupees, which was definitely a good start. The movie is now marching forward to cross over the lifetime box office collection. That is acquiring by the movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. Which made about three hundred and twenty crores of the collection at the box office. This lifetime achievement shall be crossing by Tiger Zinda Hai in the upcoming week.


Tiger Zinda Hai

During last Friday, Tiger Zinda Hai made a collection of about 3.72 crores. On Saturday the collection raised to about 5.62 crores and on Sunday, the collection turns huge resulting to 8.27 crore. In the past five days, about 15 crores collect in total. Added Adarsh to his recent tweet about Tiger Zinda Hai box office collection.


He even termed the movie as a blockbuster as well as let out the entire box office collection count. Which is collecting to be three hundred and eighteen crore collection till date.

As the movie is still running strong. It shall surpass the record that create Bajrangi Bhaijaan on the box office in few days of time. No wonder, Salman Khan is knowing as the emperor of Bollywood.

salman & katina

Mrs India Universe photogenic 2017 Estalita Pinto hosted a Zumba session along with her team at Malad for The Mumbai Fest 2018.

None other than Mrs. India Universe Photogenic 2017, Estalita Pinto, hosted a rocking Zumba Session along with her team at Malad Masti for THE MUMBAI FEST’ 2018. The super-energetic session came with a promise of all that is in stock at the M.A.D ( Music and Dance ) Island of THE MUMBAI FEST on 21st January’ 2018, MMRDA grounds, BKC.   The fest will start on 19th January and will end on 21st January.

Estalita Pinto hosted a Zumba session

estalita pintoestalita pintoestalita pinto


Bipasha Basu receives an adorable wish from her husband Karan Singh Grover

The Bollywood bomb and actress Bipasha Basu turns thirty-nine by today. During her birthday, her husband and actor Karan Singh Grover has posted a video of Bipasha Basu cutting down the cake and him sharing a beautiful wish on the camera.

Bipasha Basu receives an adorable wish from her husband Karan Singh Grover (2)

Karan is known to be a romantic lover and the best pair for Bipasha Basu since they both got married. Karan has made a long wish in the video and it goes like this. “To my sweet precious princess, today shall be the most joyous day for all of us and I Wish you all the joy, happiness, success along with my love.

Bipasha Basu receives an adorable wish from Karan Singh Grover

Bipasha Basu receives an adorable wish from her husband Karan Singh Grover (2)

Thanks for being born on this particular day and thanks for coming into my life and filled up every other empty space I had so far. Let our life together continue with lots of happiness. You are truly a blessing to have around.”


A post shared by karan singh grover (@iamksgofficial) on

The video went viral after Karan posted it on his social media account. The way he loves Bipasha Basu is definitely a couple goal. Even Bipasha has posted some of her birthday celebrating pictures on her Instagram, and she looks cute like never before.

Bipasha Basu receives an adorable wish from her husband Karan Singh Grover (2)

She has even shared some food pictures and being a Biryani lover, she has thanked the day for letting her eat some delicious biryani and other food rice. She even posted the biryani picture with a funny quote written below them. Karan and Bipasha got married in the year 2016 after they both fall in love. With each other at the sets of Karan’s debut Bollywood movie named Alone that got released in the year 2015.

Also, Bipasha and Karan celebrated their very first anniversary in Goa. Since then they have been releasing cute videos on special occasions.


Unique and mega event The Mumbai Fest from 19th to 21st January 2018 at MMRDA Ground, Bandra east.

This Mumbai Fest is going to the mother of all the festival with the huge footfall in three and lot of celebrities both from the Bollywood and art faculty ( not only from MMRDA Ground or Mumbai but across the Globe) performing at the fest in seven different islands of Mumbai concept created to celebrate its richness.

This mega-fest is not only about the entertainment its about the spirit of Mumbai, people, humanity, culture, heritage as well as the richness of this place.

krishna kumar singh,amarnath sharda,vinod hasal,,shilpa shetty,harjeet anand & avinash singh

THE MUMBAI FEST is a first of its kind fiesta to celebrate the soul of Mumbai. Amidst all its delights, delicacies, dismissals and drenching rains the city wraps us in its unconditional ONE LOVE. There is a plethora of events which celebrate various facets of the city but none that promote the undying spirit of Mumbai, which time and again proves to be the Urbs Prima in India.

The Mumbai Fest from 19th to 21st January 2018 at MRDA Ground

We, The Mumbai Festival Trust are promoted by patrons from various walks of life. Through The Mumbai Fest, we strive to capture the essence of Mumbai as a cauldron of cultures. The dynamic blend of the city’s Art, Cuisine, Cinema, Fashion, Heritage and Wellness will be re-explored on the magnum opus creation of seven thematic islands spread across the MMRDA ground. Timeless celebrities, socialites, multi-religious leaders and motivators and budding artists will enlighten as well as entertain a diverse, monumental footfall.


The melting pot of Mumbai is all geared up for a carnival as colossal and dynamic as the city itself. This three-day extravaganza will express love for the city, by the city. This ONE LOVE that will take Mumbai out of the map and into the hearts of the world!

 ‘The Mumbai Fest’

 Most Prestigious as well as Grand Event of Mumbai.

 First-ever festival to host the making of a ‘Guinness World Record’.

 Festival to host the ‘World Peace Summit’.

 The first-ever festival to have 7 extravagant sets created by the best art directors.

The Mumbai Fest was officially launched recently which was done in the presence of His Highness Acharya Dr.Lokesh Muni, Swamy Indradyumna, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Kiku Sharda & Ankit Tiwari. Vinod Hasal- President, Krishna Kumar Singh- Vice President, Pranav Jayaram-Trustee, Amarnath Sharda- Promoter. Harjeet Anand – Treasurer, Avinash Singh –Promoter are the main organisers of the fest. The Mumbai Fest will erect on 4 Lakh square feet area at MMRDA.

Date: 19th, 20th, 21st January 2018

Venue: MMRDA grounds, BKC, Mumbai.pranav-jayaramavinash-singhkrishna-kumar-singhamarnath-sharda-harjeet-anand-vinod-hasal

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan demands about ten crores as her salary for her next film- hot news Bollywood actress

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may seem busy shooting for Fanne Khan in 2017, but with New Year, its time for Aishwarya to get some big fat cheques as salary for her upcoming movies in 2018. The producer named Prernaa Arora quoted that they shall be producing a movie for Aishwarya by next year, which will be a thriller, and might be a remake of Raat Aur Din, which was a classic movie that got released in 1967, featuring Nargis in the lead role. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan new project shall have dual roles in them, which apparently let Aishwarya decide her salary as ten crores of Indian Rupees. It has also been confirmed that Aishwarya made a demand of about ten crores for her next film, as it is going to be a dual role. The blog is all about hot news Bollywood actress.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan demands about ten crores- hot news Bollywood actress

Prernaa Arora

This remake of Raat Aur Din shall be produced by KriArj entertainment. It is said to be co-owned by Arjun N Kapoor and Prernaa Arora. According to recent reports, the makers have already agreed to Aishwarya’s demand in terms of salary. As the movie is about to cast a dual role with her. Also, this particular project shall be a time consuming one. That means Aishwarya must be there working on this movie. Rather than signing up other movies this year. The fee sounds fair for the producer if at all Aishwarya agrees to work and complete the project by hot news Bollywood actress. Even if it takes some time to bring out the entire project, which shall be a worthy one.Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

After Fanne Khan, this project shall be the fourth film of Aishwarya. She shall be added to her comeback to Bollywood film industry. That she started with Jazbaa movie that got released in 2015. The upcoming movie will prove Aishwarya’s acting skills and the producers can guarantee the pay unless the actress. It shows complete interest in the script as well as the movie.Aishwarya Rai Bachchan