Aamir Khan shall present Secret Superstar after releasing Taare Zameen Par ten years back

Aamir Khan (14)
Aamir Khan (14)

Aamir Khan Productions, latest movie named Secret Superstar is now all set to face its theatrical release and the movie is said to be screened by the banner themselves, after they released the movie Taare Zameen Par, ten years back.

During the year 2007, the most innocent young boy named Ishaan carved his own place in our hearts. The movie Taare Zameen Par deals about a misunderstood dyslexic kid who is really fresh in his own mind. This type of unusual concept was backed up with a great script that made the audience applause for every other scene that came in the movie.

Aamir Khan (14)
Aamir Khan (14)

Exactly after ten years, in this year 2017, Aamir Khan production company is now all set to present their next movie Secret Superstar to the audiences.

While the movie Taare Zameen Par made us teary eyed all through the movie, with an outstanding performance done by Ishaan, the latest movie Secret Superstar shall be striking up the chors with the public as it has the story that deals with a young girl who chases her own dreams.

Aamir Khan (14)
Aamir Khan (14)

Both these films are known for focusing upon the problems that are faced by the younger generation in our country. Taare Zameen Par has really touched the most unusual topic about dyslexia and the new movie Secret Superstar shall talk about a young girl who aspires to become a singer in her mind, struggles to become one due to her back home circumstances.

Aamir Khan (14)
Aamir Khan (14)

The lead protagonist role in the movie Secret Superstar, has been performed by Zaira Wasim, and she plays the aspiring singer named Insia in the movie. This young girl shall be facing the most resistance coming from her father, after which she decides to follow upon her own dreams by posting various singing videos of her on every other social media.

King Khan’s kind gesture wins the nation’s heart

We are familiar with what a kind of heart our very own King Khan- Shah Rukh Khan has. Well, this has come to a proven point with the recent gesture that he did in return to a cancer patient who asked for his help. A cancer patient named Aruna expressed her desire to meet her idol Mr Shah Rukh Khan, on a fan club page of King Khan. She happens to be a cancer patient who is a die-hard fan of the actor, and hence expressed her long term desire to meet him.

What King Khan did in return was the sweetest of the gestures. He sent a video to the patient, promising that he’ll meet her soon. He also happened to get in touch with the patient’s family members, extracting details of her where-about.

He further said in the video message to Aruna that “I’m made to comprehend through your son Akshat and little daughter Priyanka that you are battling with a disease. I want to say this that me, my whole close relatives, all our buddies whoever knows about you, we are wishing for your health and fitness,” According to Aruna’s official weblog, she was diagnosed with third level ovarian Cancer in Feb 2011.

“You are a very powerful woman Aruna, I know your passion, your willpower, your pleasure that you have distributed with your close ones. I can tell that you have the durability to combat this sickness and with our wishes and your durability you will get well very soon” he also added. After this, his message seemed to have gone viral and has won the hearts of his already die-hard fans. Everyone is praises for the man who is such a big celebrity and yet, is so down to earth to come down to help a fan who is battling Ovarian cancer.

Delay in the ‘Section 375’ as the Director send the Legal notice to Producer – Bollywood Latest News

The problems are not ending in the way of the movie ‘Section 375′. Earlier there was a war between the producer, director and Akshaye Khanna and the producer wanted to throw the actor out of the movie and he told various reasons for this like sudden increase in fees or delay in dates and many more. But now, there is a big war in between the producer and director of the movie and the director has decided to put a lawsuit against the producer because of sudden termination of contract. We also heard that Akshayekhanna is back in the project and the director is replaced. It means that the direction Mangat Gupta has been replaced with the Priyadarshan.

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A closed source from the industry says that this project was delayed by Akshayekhanna because the actor was giving priorities to the Accidental Prime Minister and now the delaying is because of the Kumar Mangat.

Anil Kapoor makes a big statement- I don’t starve to stay fit

The report says that even after 2 years of signing the contract, there was absolutely no progress in the Movie and this was the main reason of delaying the movie. The sources says that, the director was not willing to go out of the script and is really pissed of the sudden termination of the contract and Kumar Mangat is putting the whole blame on the Manish who is the owner of copyrights. The producer says that “It is already very late and we are not going to tolerate this anymore”. So it will be the only which will tell us about that when the issues will be resolved and the movie will be on the tract i.e., time. So let us wait for the right time. This is the movie in which Akshayekhanna and Richachadha will be in the lead role.

Anil Kapoor makes a big statement- I don’t starve to stay fit

Every year is different for the actor Anil Kapoor but this year is very different because of the special film of sonam kapoor i.e., veerey di wedding and harshwardhan kapoor’s bhavesh joshi and on the top of this, his daughter’s wedding. Anil is not at a back step from his children and his movie is releasing on Eid i.e., Race.

According to reports, the producer says something about the film- this movies was a very inning to the movies because the main name on the board of movie is khan of the Bollywood i.e., Salman khan. He said, “ I have worked with Salman khan as a actor but not as a producer and it was very delightful to work with Salman khan and Rameshtaurani”. According to him, the salman khan looked for all the co actors, be it Jacqueline Fernandez, bobby deol, daisy shah, soquib salim, Anil kapoor and it was so much fun to work with them all.

Similarly, the Anil kapoor plays a special role in the movie. The Anil kapoor is so fit in this age and does it means that the actor starves on diet. So let us see what the actor has said about it, “there are several myths about me and the biggest is that if starve to stay fit but actually not, I had a lavish lunch before having a word with you guys and I do not starve to stay fit and will never starve to stay fit”. The actor says, “I follow a particular exercise regime to stay fit and the regime continues to change according to my mood, sometimes I follow cycling, sometimes swimming and now the regime is spinning.

A patriotic Gold film of Akshay Kumar – Bollywood Latest News

Gold actor Akshay Kumar in his upcoming film is playing a role of patriot and hockey player. The director of the film Reema Kagti, she is the maker of the film has shared a poster of Akshay. In which he is having passion in his eyes and national flag close to his heart and it is also seen that Akshay is convincing by the poster. Gold is fictionalized of India’s historic Olympic 1948 it is the story of a man who dreamt of winning a gold medal in Olympic for India.

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Akshay Kumar Gold Film Latest Patriotic social film bollywood news

Akshay also posted the photo on Twitter and said, “Country is made when all have an equal dream in their eyes”. Producer of the film Farhan Akhtar also shared the photo on Twitter and said “all victories begin with the dream. It feels me lots of joy to present to you the official poster of the film as this film is very close to my heart”.The gold film will be releasing on the 70th anniversary of freedom of India. As on 12th August 1948, India won its first gold medal in Olympics. So the film will be released on 15th of August, 2018.

Sunny Leone’s Special appearance in the Kriti and Diljit starrer movie – Bollywood Latest News

This film is shot across UK and India, and it is also the Bollywood debut of the Tv screen mount Roy. Apart from Akshay Kumar and Mouni Roy, Amit Sadh is also playing the main role in the film. Producer Ritesh Sidhwani has earlier said that this film is not based on the biopic of anyone. It is the only fictional story that what India was from 1933 to 1948 in terms of sports like hockey. And it is not based on the particular character like Akshay. Even Akshay is not playing hockey in the film he would be seen as the manager of the game.

‘Student Of The Year’ Next Part Put On Backburner?

Punit Malhotra

Karan Johar declared a sequel to Student Of The Season (2012) more than a last year. To be helmed by Punit Malhotra, it celebrities Competition Shroff.

In the last few days, KJo has been making reports in abundance about his future shows, which include Brahmastra with Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan and Kesari with Akshay Kumar. There has been quiet on the Student Of The Season 2 front side.

disha patani

It was said that Punit was transforming the program. Titles of several celebrity kids like Jahnvi Kapoor did the units, besides Tiger’s stated sweetheart DishaPatani as potential women celebrities. Nothing progressed the top side and now there’s hype that it has been put on the backburner.Jhanvi kapoor

Varun Dhawan says not to look at the West for Heroes – Bollywood Latest News

Varun Dhawan says that it is high time that we should stop looking for heroes outside our country as there are many numbers of legends in our own country. Varun when available the launch of author Amish’s book “Suheldev and The battle of Bahraich”, he said that it is the time that we should look to our Indian heroes, not the west side heroes. About 25 percent of our population is made up of tribes and castes and that is not really been told in the book or our literature or much of our films.

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Varun Dhawan

He also told that, Amish is doing a great job by representing it. He is doing a better job by writing about the hero than a politician. When you will see the book and its landscape your imagination will run wild”. You will love to read this book more and more, again and again. And he thinks such type of book should be written more and more as it will change their idea about our country and will feel proud for them. Amish’s admired novel “The Immortals of Meluha” is appropriate for big screens. Karan Johar has taken rights to take the popular book. The English rights of this have become disclosed American producer.

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“Suheldev and the battle of Bahraich” if taken in the film, Varun says then he would love to be a part of it as a film. He thought if a movie could be made from it. Can he be part of it or he would be small for it? He was very attracted towards the back of the book. As it tells the story of hero,” he said. As we all know that in everyone’s life there is one hero who does everything for you and make you happy but he never discuss about his sadness with you.

“Suheldev and The Battle of Bahraich” is ready to get released on July 23.

Shahid Kapoor supports brother Ishaan Khatter

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor, who is now awaiting for a grand release for his movie named ‘Padmvati’, is also awaiting for his brother Ishaan Khatter’s debut to Bollywood with the movie named ‘Beyond the Clouds’ that has been directed by the most renowned man named Majid Majidi. This film shall be released at the famous London film festival. Shahid being a kind brother has recently shown his full support towards his brother Ishaan. He has posted a picture of him and his brother sharing a brotherhood moment together at his official Instagram account recently. The picture does show the bond they have between as brothers with all smiles on their faces. Shahid even expressed how proud a brother, he can be by writing a caption for the picture as ‘How fast time flies. In next four hours a new star is born.’

Ishaan Khatter

This type of welcoming brotherhood is good when it comes from the big star Shahid himself. Let the brotherhood continue in the movie industry too. Majid Majidi, who is a very famous director has chosen to debut brother of Shahid Kapoor, Ishaan as the protagonist in his movie. The film shall have its first feature at the famous London Film Festival, and later on a theatrical release will happen.

With such a big arrival to the Bollywood film industry, Ishaan is about to achiever and learn more with his new journey. All a debutant need is a good support from both his family and got set of technicians to work with. Luckily, Ishaan has got the best out of them and the movie will definitely speak out for his performance, as he is the brother of Shahid Kapoor, the heartthrob of many girls in India. The heartthrob shall continue more with his brother too.

Ishaan Khatter

Mukkabaaz opens up to a standing ovation at the MAMI Festival: Anurag Kashyap is excited

Anurag Kashyap

Anurag Kashyap has recently kicked off the nineteenth edition of the MAMI Film Festival and he has opened it up with a resounding chant that says ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, amidst the applause of a greater audience. The film is said to be chronicling the story that revolves around a boxer coming from Uttar Pradesh, named Shravan Singh, and it has been enacted by actor named Vineet Kumar Singh, who is said to be falling in love with a girl, who is a Brahmin by birth.

The things get to meet a U-turn when the hero lands upon a punch on the boxing federation head and with the politician gangster named Bhagwan Das. The gangster head role is done by the veteran actor named Jimmy Shergill. The movie has its own set of journey that goes behind the underdog, who is said to be fighting upon the corrupted system and with the deep rooted casteism to pursue the boxing dream that he has in mind, and to win over the love that has changed his life.


Before attending the premiere that happened at the Liberty Cinema, Anurag Kashyap said to the press that he was really nervous and even thanked the producer of the movie Mr Aaanand L Rai. He made a note that he has been dying to let the audience witness the movie and wanted to watch how they reach to this epic film. He thanked a lot by quoting the Eros and Mr Aanand Rai. This continuous thanking comes from Anurag, as he feels that he was given with a complete freedom to shoot out what he really wanted to do at first place. No kind of interpretation was given to him during the days of shooting the movie.

Vineet Kumar Singh

Irfan would be back by the end of Year, Recovering – Bollywood Latest News

Irfan khan is on the battle with the cancer and everyone is hoping that he should get recovered as soon as possible. Reports says that Irfan khan is in London and on the slow recovery. After getting the news of slow recovery, the fans, friends and family of the actor is very happy. They are saying that it does not matter that recovery is slow or fast, although we hope for the fast recovery but even the recovery is slow, we are still happy. During an interview with the magazine, the actor made a big statement, “At a certain point, i have to surrender in front of the reality and it was the time to accept the reality”. This was a very heart wrenching news to the family, friends and fans but everyone accepted it and hoping for the best.

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According to reports, a film maker friend of Irfan khan said, “although Irfan khan is getting thin and weak but he is recovering”. He said that if the recovery will go on this pace even, the actor will be back in India by the end of this year. The condition of the actor was diagnosed few months ago and the actor announced his health issue by a tweet. So it is the time of a relief to the fans, friends and family who are praying for him from last several months.

Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Ranveer Singh, Sonakshi Sinha, Katrina Kaif are sued for millions – Latest Bollywood News

When it is about the work front of the actor, a total of 3 movies of Irfan Khan are ready to release.His next movie is just about to release in the July, which is a big project with the well known director director Mark Turtletaub’s Puzzle in which the actor is in the lead role. The actor is having a new project with the Deepika Padukone.