Will Kartik Aryan will be the next choice for Karan Johar? Here is the answer – Bollywood news

Kartik Aryan is knows as the good growing talent of Bollywood and he proved it with his last movie, Sonuketittukisweety. There is a alot more to say from the PR machinery of the actor KartikAryan and now they says that the Karan Johar is signing the KartikAryan for his upcoming project. But the sources from the Dharma productions dismiss this rumour and says that this is premature. The thing which is making this rumour worse is that the actor Kartik Aryan will be paired with the Kareena kapoor khan. Shocking? We all are shocked too. A source from the dharma productions said that yes, Kartik Aryan was approached for something but was merely considered. We do not know that from where these rumours are getting originated and is the KaranJohar silly that he would case the actor KartikAryan in opposite to bebo, Kareena kapoor khan.

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Apparently these rumours are getting birth after the actress Kareena kapoor khan paired with KartikAryan to walk the ramp by a leading fashion designer. Most of the social media commentators commented that how fabulous the pair was looking while walking the ramp.

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According to sources, ”KaranJohar is not thinking to cast KartikAryan and absolutely not with the Kareena kapoor khan”. So the one who can tell that what is going to happen is time. With time, everyone will get the details about it. If yes, then the viewers will see a new pair in the Bollywood. Let us tell you that the KartikAryan has given a blockbuster movie in the past few months back and the Kareena kapoor khan has done her first movie post pregnancy, veerey di wedding.

Does Biopic of Rakesh Sharma cuts the Heroine’s role? – Bollywood Latest News

The upcoming time is of biopics and the first biopic which is releasing is Sanju. In the Bollywood, some movies who are recently out agrees to the female empowerment like Raazi, Hichki, Veery di wedding. As everybody in the Bollywood knows that it is male oriented film because it is the biopic of astronaut Rakesh Sharma and no A-list actress wants to play the role of the wife of astronaut Rakesh Sharma because it is male oriented movie and no body wants to perform the secondary role in the movie.

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Earlier, according to some reports it was the Amir khan who was approached for the role but he did not played the character and then the Shahrukh khan was approached for the movie and he agreed to the role. Some major and A-list actresses were also approached for the movie. The two main names were Kareena kapoor khan and PriyankaChopra but both the actresses refused because they knew that there role in the movie would be swamped because of the male empowering role on the opposite side.

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The makers of the movie think that why to put a huge investment for the secondary role i.e., the wife of astronaut Rakesh Sharma so they decided to cut the A-list heroine’s role from the movies and decided that they will approach a new actress or a secondary actress. According to some reports, they said that why they should spend so much energy and so much money on the secondary character of the film.Now, it will be interesting to know that which new actress or a secondary actress would play the role (the biopic of Rakesh Sharma) in the opposite side of Shah rukh khan.

Ranbir Kapoor gives a shocking opinion after the comments by Salman Khan on Sanju

The upcoming year is all about biopics and first biopic of this year is “Sanju” biopic of Sanjay Dutt. People who viewed the teaser of Sanju have said and applauded the Ranbir kapoor and his best performance in the Sanjay Dutt’s biopic. This is his best performance till now. On one hand, the applauding for the actor for doing the good job is not getting stopped and the people do not leave a single moment to disgrace anyone. This time we are talking about Sultan of the Bollywood, Salman Khan.

Vidya Balan is now set to seduce the audience with her most sensuous voice

While the promotions of the Race 3, the actor made a big statement, “Sanjay Dutt should act the last 7-8 years of the past experience of his life and he said that no one can do it better than Sanjay Dutt”. Shocked? We are too. But Ranbir Kapoor did not say anything against the big statement from the Salman Khan and keeps mum for some time and finally speaks about it in the recent even. The actor said, “ from last several years, a actor never played a role in their own biopic and actually, they should not because it completely destroys the feel of that character.

Three big stars come together to act on a whooping budget for his movie: announces Karan Johar

The actor said, “I knew that i will be compared with Sanjay Dutt and I was prepared for it and I have done my best to put it in my character and tried my 100% to give justice to the character of Sanjay Dutt. Whether I am playing the character of 20 years of age and whether I am doing the character of 40 years of age, my main aim was the viewers feel that they are watching a character who is playing the role of Sanjay Dutt. He admits that it is not possible to completely match Sanjay Dutt because there can not be second Sanjay Dutt.

Ranbir Kapoor Admits to be in a Relationship with Alia Bhatt

This is the best news of this morning. Almost everyone has heard the rumours of the Alia and Ranbir for being in a relationship. If some do not know about this Bollywood gossip then you might be living under the rock. The duo is being seen at so many places together, be it sonam kapoor’s marriage or for a dinner date. This duo is working together for upcoming movie of KaranJohar, Brahmastra. The best thing about this couple is that they do not hide anything from their fans and completely stands for their words and similarly, they agreed to their relationship.

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On a question from the reporter, “whether you are dating Alia or not? Just look at the answer from Ranbir, he said that i do not want to over speak as it is really new right now. It needs time and some sort of space to breathe. A reporter asked Ranbir that what is right word for Alia? The actor said in reply that reporter when I see her act, when I see her work even in the daily life, she is flawless and this is the most aspiring thing which aspires in my personal life. So it is very new now so let it cook a bit. Are you shocked? Actually yes, Ranbir said that we both are loving the new phase of life. The new relationship comes with the new excitement and the old tricks get changed into the new ones like being romantic, being charming and other things like that. The actor said,” I am feeling more balanced and exactly know what the hurt means.

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Everyone is feeling very happy that after so many rumours, the couple themselves admitted and agreed to their relationship.

Vidya Balan is now set to seduce the audience with her most sensuous voice

New Objection Raised against the Sanju Movie

The problems are not getting stopped in the ways of the biopic of Sanju. A new case has been filed against the Sanju because of showing the condition of the Indian jails in a bad way. The compliant filed by the person is against a scene in the trailer of the filmwhich is showing the bad impression of the Indian jails.

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The person who has filed the case against this scene is prithvi mhaske who is an activist and lodged the complaint against the toilet leakage scene. He wrote a letter to the censor board in which he says that, “according the available information by the government, the jail authorities are taking good care of the jails. We never listen this type of incident anywhere from anyone’s mouth or any other film. This is not the film in which the jail scenes are being portrayed but none of the film has portrayed the barracks of the jail is such a bad light”.

Sooraj Pancholi weirdly dropped out of Sanjay Dutt’s Production Venture

The activist also wrote in the letter that, “if the censor board is not going to do anything with this complaint then we are left with no option and we have to go ahead to the honourable court and we assure you that we will demand the stay on this film”.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan demands about ten crores as her salary for her next film

Sanju, is the biopic of Sanjay Dutt in which he narrated all the story of his life to the film makers and that is the reason, some scenes of jail are being portrayed and these scenes are of the time when the actor was in the jail in 1993 in connection with the bomb blast case. The actor Sanjay Dutt spent a total of 18 months in the jail and then finally freed from the jail in 2013 by the orders of supreme court.

The police has decided to increase the security of Salman Khan after a Death Threat

The sultan of Bollywood, Salman Khan remains always in the limelight due to several reasons but this time, the reason is serious. The khan of Bollywood has got a major death threat from a gangster and this is the reason, the Mumbai police has decided to raise the security around Salman Khan to the maximum, according to resources. The police will ensure that the Salman Khan is safe at all the times and that too at any cost. Although the Salman Khan is getting protected by his personal bodyguard, Shera.

According to resources, the Mumbai police ha got the information from the special task force of the Haryana that a gangster, Sampat Nehra is planning to kill the superstar Salman Khan. Although the gangster Sampat Nehra is arrested by the Haryana police and is in the jail now.

Reports says, “the gangster Sampat Nehra was doing recce of the Salman and keeping the strong eye on all the movements of Salman Khan so as to kill him. The gangster Sampat Nehra has got arrested in Hyderabad and according to Haryana police, he is a sharp shooter in the bishnoi gang ofRajasthan.

The Lawrence bishnoi gang is one of the notorious gangs of Rajasthan and the gangster is part of the gang. Resources says that the gang is planning the murder of Salman Khan because of the black buck case from last January. The Lawrence bishnoi gang have several cases registered in the belt of Punjab and Haryana too. According to a official of Mumbai police, “we have increased the security around the Salman Khan after a death threat by the gangster. Police will be active all the time, be it is his home or it is his studio so as to keep away the gangs of Rajasthan.

Fire in the Deepika Padukone’s Building

In worliarea of Mumbai, suddenly the apartments on the 32nd and 33rd floor of beaumonde towers caught fire. But the high rise is that the famous actress deepika padukone stays in the 26th floor in the same building. But when the apartments caught fire, the actress was not in the house but her family was stuck in the house.

According to resources, only the top two floors are badly affected by the fire. An ambulance, five jumbo tankers and six fire engines were available in the building to help. According a tweet of Mumbai police- the police staff and fire brigade is on the location for assistance. They are working in the best possible way to help the people and douse the fire.

According to reports, the famous actress deepika padukone was not in the house and was out for a brand shoot but the mother and sister of the actress was in the house when the fir caught the building. According to bmc, the fir was of level 2 which caught the beaumonde towers but then suddenly changed into level 3 fire. Firefighting operations are going on and approximately 90-95 persons have been rescued by our team safely.

According to some reports, when the actress deepika padukone get to know about the incident of fire in het building, she was very worried for her mother and sister. Once her mother and sister were rescued safely, she felt very relived and thanks to the action of bmc.

According to resources, the famous padmavat actress purchased this lush green four bedroom apartment the 33rdstory of the tower on the 26th floor for 16 crore along with a national badminton champion i.e., her father Prakash. When the actress bought the apartment over there, the whole Bollywood was surprised.

Kartik Aaryan and Kareena Kapoor Khan in Karan Johar’s next?

Kartik Aryan has been recently spotted with Kareena Kapoor Khan at the ramp of Singapore in the fashion week of Mr. Manish Malhotra show. both are seen together in a very comfortable way Manish Malhotra being the very loving fashion designer of Bollywood has always been supported by the entire Bollywood industry.

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Actor and Actresses various fans all over the country are reportedly loved finding these two together as a very good looking couple. another news on a very famous online portal for as an entertainment website had reported that both Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kartik Aaryan are going to be cast in next Production film of Karan Johar. at the same time albeit of all these facts, it has been found that the good-looking couple won’t be there together opposite Each Other as a couple in the movie.

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This upcoming production movie of Mr. Karan Johar is said to be directed by a diff between director name Raj Mehta. the film of Mr. Karan Johar which apparently found to have two heroines and two heroes into it will be there once the star cast it to be finalized. Kareena Kapoor Khan happens to be a senior actress working opposite the actor in the movie. Kartik Aaryan will be a much younger actor as compared to the heroine. among some other content was found to be there in the movie Jhanvi Kapoor and miss Kriti Sanon. Kartik Aaryan is also found to be there in a free deal of films which will be under the production of Mr. Karan Johar only. let’s see how long this association will go and how far people will like the association of Mr. Kartik Aaryan and Mr. Karan Johar. albeit could be found that Kartik Aaryan is going to be a big name in the Bollywood industry in the recent time

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Sooraj Pancholi weirdly dropped out of Sanjay Dutt’s Production Venture

Only when a number of people believed that Sooraj Pancholi‘s not-so-happening profession will keep being at a fixed place, Stanley D’Costa’s next has come to his save. Sooraj has been brought in by the movie director for his dancing film named ‘Time To Dance’. The film will also have to happen to be Katrina Kaif’s sis, starring Isabelle Kaif. Albeit, there were even reviews of Sooraj enjoying Sanjay Dutt’s son in the latter’s next venture of production.

Sanjay Dutt‘s next production venture could happen to be a major project for him. Some consider it to be a date issue, while some others are blaming Sooraj Pancholi’s unprofessional behavior as the reason for this replacement.

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The said film is considered to be the Hindi redubb of the Telugu hit, ‘Prasthanam’. But according to reviews by a newspaper, the ‘Hero’ acting professional has stepped out of the movie when the planning for it started. Albeit, it is recently seen that the Sooraj Pancholi had been decided to move out of the movie even as planning for it has started. Deva Katta, who known for directing the very first, will also direct this Hindi edition and Sooraj has been already changed by Ali Fazal.

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If the reviews are to be considered, many of them are frustrated with Sooraj’s not professional behavior. The film also represents the come back of the ‘Bhoomi’ in the direction area. Even though some reports are found to claim that Sooraj Pancholi couldn’t change his schedules with his film with Remo D’Souza.
Well, rumors are rumors until proven to be true. Let’s see what the reality will be, but Sooraj Pancholi’s fate will be decided on this big opportunity only.

Salman Khan condemns child sexual abuse, Race 3 Movie News

Yet another actor had joined the regime of Bollywood superstar apposing child abuses and sexual harassments. The actor is Mr. Salman Khan. Salman on Tuesday in a conversation with press asked that people must take a stand against growing barbaric incidents that are happening all over the country. Pointing out incidents especially like the Kathua rape case and the Unnao rape case which subsequently followed with the murder of the victim. Salman Khan furthercondemns child sexual abuse representing the trailer launch conference for his upcoming movie ‘ Race 3’. He had been asked about his view and opinion on these types of recent instances of harassment and child abuse that has transpired place.

 He said “I think whatever is happening with children is wrong. I think we should stand on this and get this stopped,” Salman told the media. The movie ‘Race 3’ is going to release on June 15.

Just in case you might have missed it, the Race 3 movie trailer was dropped on evening of Tuesday. The whimsical (and we mean whimsical like it’s external to the empire of possibility) preview shows that Salman Khan is flying in a style of a  superhero in a superhero costume. It is further showed that Salman Khan was fighting various villains, Salman Khan spouting hefty jokes and Salman Khan using a…rocket launcher? It also sorts Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anil Kapoor, and as various mixed gun-wielding, attractive characters. Meanwhile the Race 3 trailer, occupied as it is with these charms, was out yesterday, folks on social media haven’t stopped terribly jokes.